Israel announces a special operation in central Gaza against leaders of the Hamas terrorist group

Israel announced a special operation in central Gaza against leaders of the Hamas terrorist group (Reuters/File)

He israeli army Announced on Monday morning that he was undergoing a “major operation” in hospital Al Shifalargest hospital complex Gaza StripClaiming that he has information about intelligence indicating “use” of the building by “senior terrorists” Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas),

“The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) one is implementing high precision operation “According to intelligence reports, immediate action has been called for in hospital areas,” the hospital spokesperson announced. Army, Daniel HagariWho denied that it was mandatory to evacuate the centre.

In this sense, he said that “Senior Hamas officials have been reunited within the above mentioned hospital”, which “are being used to carry out attacks against Israel.”, “Our mission directed is not just an operational necessity, it is a global imperative”he declared.

In November, the Israeli military claimed to have found “ammunition, weapons and military equipment” belonging to the Islamic group at the medical center (Reuters/File)

Hagari emphasized that israeli armed forces They have received “specific training” that has “prepared them for the sensitive contexts and complex scenarios” they may face. ,Our war is against Hamas, not against the people of Gaza“, They said.

He israeli army Addressed residents through loudspeakers, asking them to remain in their homes, while drones fired over nearby streets hospitalEyewitnesses told AFP,

“We don’t want to hurt civilian where are you hiding Hamas, Therefore, we carry out this operation with caution and care, while also ensuring that the hospital maintains its vital functions,” he said, referring to the presence of Arabic translators, military doctors and paramedics. distribution of humanitarian aid,

israeli soldierInstructions were given on the importance of working with caution and taking steps to avoid causing injury to patients, civilians and medical personnel“, according to the statement of Army,

He hospital have worked with minimum capacity And a small team.

Intelligence indicates that senior commanders of the armed group are hiding in Al Shifa hospital (Europa Press/Archive)

After a large-scale operation on 15 November israeli army He claimed to find it in Medical Center ,Ammunition, weapons and military equipmentFrom the Islamist group, which denied the version.

He Army He also said that they found a 55 meter long tunnel that was allegedly used.for terrorism” Below hospitalAnd invited journalists to meet him.

israel Was accused Hamas Using those medical facilities as command centers.

less than a third of hospital of Gaza Strip are operational as per and only partially United Nations,

(With information from AFP)

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