Israel assured that Hezbollah would pay a “big price” if security on the border with Lebanon deteriorates

Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Galant (Europa Press/archive)

Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav Braveryissued a warning against Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollahto whom he assured Will have to pay a “high price” If the security situation on Israel’s northern border deteriorates.

“The possibility of a deterioration in the (security) situation in the north must be taken into account (…) If that happens, we will exact a high price from Hezbollah and Lebanon.” There will be victims here too“, the Israeli defense chief warned.

Minister Gallant stressed the commitment of the Israeli Prime Minister’s government, benjamin netanyahuwith near return 80,000 people People evacuated their homes in northern Israel as hostilities escalated along the border with Lebanon.

Thus, Gallant indicated that if this objective was not achieved “by diplomatic means”, Israel would find itself in a situation in which “You will need to create safety conditions” Which effectively allows the return of these citizens.

Israel assured that Hezbollah would pay a “big price” if security on the border with Lebanon deteriorates (Reuters/File)

According to information collected by the newspaper, the Defense Minister said, “I don’t want to talk about the time frame or methods, but it will happen.” israel time,

Regarding the status of Gaza StripGallant reported that the Palestinian terrorist group HamasResponsible for the barbaric attacks on Israel on October 7 “It’s getting weaker”,

Taking stock of the military operation in the Gaza Strip, Gallant said, “It has no supplies, it has no personnel reserves, it has no organizational capacity to start a movement and to really control what is happening.” Don’t have the capacity.” ,

Israel assured that Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group responsible for the brutal attacks on Israel on October 7, is “weakening” (Reuters/File)

In this sense, the Defense Minister said that a few months ago the main objective of Hamas was to launch “hundreds of rockets every day against all types of areas” of Israel, but now the reality is that he can barely throw dozens In one attack.

He promised to tackle the situation head-on, saying, “I don’t underestimate this, it’s a very important thing.” “Raids and airstrikes”But in any case eliminate the basic threat posed by Hamas “It will take time”,

The terrorist group claimed this on Thursday Five new actions against military objectives North of israelwho, on his part, Attacked a series of infrastructure and launch points Used by the armed movement in the south of lebanon,

Most of the operations carried out by Hezbollah this Thursday were directed against military posts of the Israeli army, while only one targeted a group of soldiers who were around the barracks, the group reported in a series of communications.

IDF attacks Hezbollah terrorist structure in Al Addissa area

At least two of the attacks were missile launches, although in other cases the notes are limited to explaining that they were carried out with missile launches. “Proper Weapon”Without specifying the type.

For its part, Israeli forces confirmed that they attacked infrastructure and points used by Hezbollah to launch projectiles against the Jewish state, including a building from which its fighters yesterday manned a military checkpoint. And anti-tank missile was fired.

There were at least two Israeli operations aerial bombardment against two areas in southern Lebanon, according to the Israeli military, which announced that during the day it also responded to a series of launches from the other side of the dividing line.

Lebanese formation and Israel join into oneintense firing crossed the common limit since last October 8, a day after the outbreak of gaza war,

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

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