Israel intensifies bombardment in Khan Yunis and orders evacuation of thousands of civilians

Israel intensified bombing of Khan Yunis and ordered the evacuation of thousands of civilians.

He israeli army This Wednesday the main city of southern Gaza was bombed, khan younisAnd ordered the evacuation of certain areas of this city where they believe local Hamas leaders are hiding.

Despite having “serious” negotiations to establish Truce Along with the Islamic movement, Israel continues its offensive against the city, which it announced it had “besieged.”

Eyewitnesses reported firing from Israeli military helicopters United Nations Reported “intensification” of violence in the area.

This organization also indicated that israeli army He ordered the evacuation of sectors of the city where “88,000 residents and approximately 425,000 people displaced by the war” currently live.

staff of World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday expressed regret over the “devastating and indescribable” situation in the city’s hospitals.

The Israeli army announced the death on Tuesday 21 reservists in the field of khan younis When they were surprised on Monday anti tank rocket Whereas they placed explosives in two buildings to demolish them.

The Israeli military announced the deaths of 21 reserve soldiers in the Khan Yunis area. (Europa Press/Yasser Kudieh)

With three other soldiers killed in a separate incident, Israel suffered its worst daily casualties among its troops since the beginning of the war. ground offensive In Gaza in late October.

More than 200 people attended Jerusalem At the funeral of Hadar Kapeluk, one of the soldiers, whose coffin was covered with the blue and white flag of Israel.

“On this day, in this war, we all want to unite as one heart,” said Ariel Chen, a resident of the city who attended the ceremony.

the war has started 7 October As a result of Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel, more and more people died 1,140 peopleMost civilians, according to calculations based on official Israeli statistics.

About 250 people were kidnapped and taken to Gaza. About a hundred people were freed during the ceasefire in November, but at least 132 mortgage They are still in the area, 28 of them are believed to have died.

Israel vowed to “destroy” Hamas, which has been in power in Gaza since 2007, and launched a massive campaign. military operation That has killed 25,490 Palestinians, the majority of whom are women, children and teenagers, according to the Islamic Movement’s health ministry.

The war began on October 7 with Hamas’s unprecedented attack on Israel.

A delegation of Hamas, including its political leaders QueueArrived in Cairo this Tuesday to “discuss (…)” a new proposal. stop fire“A source familiar with the negotiations said.

US President Joe Biden’s envoy is also in the Egyptian capital. Brett McGurkTo talk about a “cease” in hostilities and release of hostagesAccording to Washington.

A White House spokesman said, “I can’t tell you when we might get it, but the negotiations are very calm and serious about trying to put together another hostage agreement.” John Kirby.

According to American web portal axiosIsrael made proposal to Hamas with the mediation of Queue And egyptA two-month pause in fighting and bombing of Gaza in exchange for the release of all hostages.

Kirby He did not want to specify how long this “pause” might last, but acknowledged that it was “possible” that the talks would “lead to broader consequences of the conflict.”

A delegation of Hamas, whose political leaders are based in Qatar, arrived in Cairo to “discuss a new ceasefire proposal”. (EFE/EPA/Mohammed Saber)

Till now the Israeli Prime Minister’s government, benjamin netanyahuOpposed a “ceasefire” and the long-term creation of an independent Palestinian state that would co-exist with Israel.

Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterreshe expressed earlier security Council That the Israeli government’s rejection of a two-state solution is “unacceptable” and risks “prolonging the conflict”.

The war has increased tensions between Israel and its allies usaOn the one hand, and Iran and its allies such as the Lebanese Movement HezbollahOn the other hand, Yemen’s Houthis or Iraqi militias.

Earlier on Wednesday, the United States claimed responsibility for attacks on positions it controls in Iraq armed group Iran supporters in “reaction” to a series of actions taken by “sponsored militias” tehran Against our soldiers in the country.

Washington also reported new attacks in Yemen against Houthi rebels, who threaten maritime trade in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden “in solidarity” with Gaza.


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