Israel released a video that proves Hamas fired on a group of Gazans waiting for humanitarian aid

Video shows Hamas open fire against Gazans (X: @IDF)

army of israel Has released a video this Friday in which it can be seen that Hamas person responsible for DeathThe night before, a group of Gazan He they were waiting for humanitarian aid In Gaza.

Defense Forces (FDI) published an excerpt on its social networks in which people are seen waiting to enter 31 trucks Assistance sanctioned for that day kuwait roundabout, when he was injured by enemy bullets. The incident occurred an hour before the convoy entered the corridor north of the Palestinian enclave, although, according to Tel Aviv, gunfire continued upon arrival at the shipment site.

“Last Thursday, the IDF facilitated the passage of 31 trucks of humanitarian aid to civilians in northern Gaza. About an hour before the convoy’s arrival in the humanitarian corridor, Armed Palestinians opened fire While civilians in Gaza waited” and, even, “when aid trucks entered and Gaza residents began looting them, Palestinian attackers continued firing,” the message released by the military portfolio begins. Is.

Hamas accused Israel of indiscriminate firing, killing at least 21 and injuring 150.
Hamas accused Israel of indiscriminate firing, killing at least 21 and injuring 150.

Although Israel did not release many of the victims, Hamas health officials spoke 21 dead And at least- 150 injuredMany of them are crushed by vehicles.

“A preliminary review conducted overnight by the IDF found that these They did not fire on the aid convoy in Kuwait Square” And There was also no evidence of “tank shots, air strikes or crossfire against civilians”.“As the counterpart claimed, it was coming from their weapons,” the article said.

Finally, Israel stressed that, while its personnel “continue humanitarian efforts to provide food and humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza, Hamas terrorists continue to harm civilians searching for food in Gaza and blame Israel for this,

Since news of the incident broke, Gazan authorities have attacked Tel Aviv for attacking “crowds of people waiting for food and relief supplies”. “The process of recovery of the martyrs and evacuation of the injured is ongoing,” the local health ministry said Friday morning.

However, this is not the first time Hamas has attacked civilians in Gaza and then denied it. In December, Israel released another video showing terrorists stop a group of Gazans who were traveling in the Sakaiya neighborhood north of the strip, and steal the stuff they found,

Israel exposes the moment Hamas terrorists stole humanitarian supplies from Gazans (X: @IDF)

Defense forces spokesman Avihai Adrei said, “Hamas prevents civilians in Gaza from receiving food and supplies, instead diverting them to fend for themselves.” He stressed that “Hamas leaders do not care about the civilian population of Gaza and they oppress them.”

“Hamas is everyone’s enemy.” In the strip,” he said.

In an effort to avoid inconveniences and obstacles when sending basic products by land to Gaza, several countries in the international community, including usaEgypt, Belgium and Jordan launched their operations air drops of packages. This Thursday, the Washington Armed Forces confirmed that they had carried out their tenth maneuver that allows them to “alleviate the sufferings” of the people.

“These launches are part of a continuing effort and we plan to continue air deliveries,” the Central Command said in a statement.

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