Israel responded with artillery to missile attacks fired on its territory from Syria

Israel responded with artillery to missile attacks fired on its territory from Syria. (Europa Press)

army of israel This Friday he ordered a series of attacks Syria After the launch of pro-Iranian militias operating there a previous offensive against their area.

Earlier, an Israeli military spokesman had reported that “sirens were activated in the north of the country due to two (projectile) launches coming from Syria.” Fortunately, both “fell in open ground” and no casualties were reported.

Similarly, in the last few hours, the northern border was caught in the middle of another incident of firing, this time coming from the neighboring lebanonwhere terrorists Hezbollah He tried to access defense forces infrastructure on eight occasions.

In response to all these hostilities, Israel ordered two strikes in a period of just two hours on the infrastructure of the Lebanese Shia militia and its launching points, as well as on targets in Syria.

Israel attacks enemy infrastructure in Al Suida and the outskirts of Damascus (Europa Press)

reached the southern provinces first Al Sueda and, second, the outskirts of damascus, Both echoed near two areas where government forces’ anti-aircraft defense facilities are located and caused material damage.

Israel had already achieved another victory in Syria after this week’s offensive in the Sayyida Zaynab area kill a guard officer iranian revolutionaries,

This Monday, the official Iranian news agency More Confirmed that, as a result of the bombing of a city near the capital Tel Aviv, “a key military adviser to the GRI Corps in Syria” was identified. Syed Razi Mousavi, dead. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, for its part, confirmed that “Israeli attacks They targeted a high ranking person” and that “missiles killed two Locations of the Lebanese militia Hezbollah “Close to the Syrian regime’s electronic warfare department.”

Also on December 9, Mohd., terrorist leader of Hezbollah in southern Syria and son of a senior leader of the organization. Ali Moussa DakdoukKilled in a drone strike.

This week, Tel Aviv removed Seyyed Razi Mousavi, a key military adviser to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (EFE) in Syria.

this situation remains Military and security alerts to terrorist groups in the area, who advanced rapidly with “a new deployment of pro-Iranian militiamen and several checkpoints”.

In this way, Syria has joined the front that Israel has opened against Hezbollah on the northern border, where it advocates a diplomatic agreement that implements UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and a cessation of hostilities to Hezbollah. Concludes.

While a peaceful resolution to this conflict is being negotiated, the defense forces have increased their offensive in recent days to deter the enemy and keep them away from the area.

“In the past two days we have carried out a series of extensive attacks with fighter planes, tanks and artillery on Hezbollah targets,” admitted spokesman Daniel Hagari, who said shortly before that “the deadline for a diplomatic agreement It’s coming to an end.” And All options are on the table for Ensure the security of the State of Israel and return northern residents to their homes,

(with information from EFE)

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