Israeli women held hostage in Gaza condemn sexual violence by Hamas. news from mexico

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In total, according to Israeli figures, 19 women are detained in the strip.

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Jerusalem.- Israeli women who were kidnapped Hamas Testified today before a committee of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) in Gaza, describing those who are still detained in the strip They are being victims of sexual exploitation by that Palestinian Islamic group,

Hamas continues to be accused of its use Sexual violence as a tactic of war Since last October 7, when it attacked Israeli territory, triggering the current conflict.

Some of the women who were abducted by Hamas in the October 7 attack and released in November appeared today before a parliamentary commission on victims of sexual and gender-based violence, before which they said that Some hostages in the bar are treated like “dolls” by their guards.

“The terrorists bring inappropriate clothes, clothes for dolls and they turn the girls into their dolls. Dolls on a rope with which you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.Former hostage Aviva Siegel said she saw it “with her own eyes” when she was held captive in Gaza by Palestinian militias.

Additionally, he said he was concerned that female hostages were still being raped in Gaza and stressed that There are also captive children who “also suffer abuse” and are “puppets on strings”Seagal added.

In total, according to Israeli figures, 19 women are detained in the strip.

Last month, Chen Goldstein-Almog, another Israeli hostage freed with her daughter, said in an interview with Channel 12 News that Met with other detainees in Gaza “who endured difficult conditions”,

“They were raped, they were bruised, some were injured”He further said, maintaining that there are also men who have suffered torture and abuse.

For her part, in another appearance in early January before a parliamentary committee, Aviva Siegel said that she witnessed another Israeli hostage being tortured after her captors accused her of being an Israeli army officer.

They tortured her next to me and I saw it,” he said.

According to witnesses, emergency and health workers, or Israeli officials themselves, There are many cases of victims who faced sexual abuse during the October 7 attack In which Palestinian terrorists killed about 1,200 people in Israel and took at least 240 hostages to Gaza.

Of the hostages, 110 were released, most of them – mostly women and children – including the release of 240 Palestinian prisoners – women and minors – from Israeli prisons during a ceasefire in late November.

Currently, Israel estimates that 130 people taken hostage on October 7 remain held in the Strip. They estimate that 28 of them are dead and the rest are still alive.

It comes as the hostages’ families have stepped up pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the government to take effective steps to secure the release of the detainees, even if it involves a deal with Hamas. In recent weeks, the Prime Minister has urged the release of the hostages with military pressure, a path that his relatives do not consider possible or effective.,

Meanwhile, according to information published yesterday by Israeli Digital Walla, negotiations are continuing with the mediation of Egypt and Qatar to reach some kind of agreement between Israel and Hamas. The Israeli government would have transferred an offer of a two-month ceasefire in Gaza in exchange for the release of all detainees and a large number of Palestinian prisoners.,

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