Music Review: “Misdirection” by Hailee Steinfeld.

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld has finally released a new single titled “Wrong Direction”, which she announced on December 30, 2019. He released it on the first day of the New Year, making it a perfect musical gift for his fans. The hitmaker will also release a music video next, as evidenced by her first social media post.

Hailey hasn’t released a song since September and it was clear she was preparing something for the new year. The 23-year-old American has definitely started 2020 off with a bang with this first musical release and we hope it’s a great year for the young artist.

This amazing track was taken from the series Dickinson starring Hailey on Apple TV. No doubt, this amazing music track will be banging soon. People wait and are interested to see if “Wrong Direction” follows the same sonic path.

This new music is an emotional track, which expresses about past relationships. Showing that a wrong decision can lead in the wrong direction.

The young stunning American artist started her music career in 2015 with her famous debut single “Love Myself”. This track was on top so the expectations and hopes of their fans are the same for “Wrong Direction”.

Listen to “Wrong Direction” by Hailee Steinfeld

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