It is the hormone responsible for happiness and love

Surely you have heard about it at some point in your life, because oxytocin is one of those hormones that is directly related to happiness and love. This is what

allows us to connect with others And show signs of affection.

It is part of the group of happiness hormones, responsible for emotional intelligence and empathy, which is the best way to

release it through physical contact (kissing, hugging, etc.). It also helps us connect with ourselves in search of that much-needed inner balance.

What is oxytocin and what can it do for us?

It is popularly known as love hormone

produced in the hypothalamus And then stored and released through the posterior pituitary gland. Depending on the part of the body it affects, it can be considered a hormone (when it travels through the blood to target organs) or a neurotransmitter, if it mediates communication between neurons.

It is key to building social bonds such as behaviors related to trust, empathy, generosity and compassion. However its presence also interferes with the regulation of fear and some studies suggest that it may

A relevant role in learning and memory, These are some of its benefits:


strengthens social relationships: With all the research behind it, we currently know that this chemical substance is the engine that drives a large part of our social relationships and behaviors like friendship or trust.


It makes us feel part of a group: As we told you, oxytocin is essential for our relationships with others. It is released in large amounts when you develop a sense of belonging to a group, or for example, when you hug your friends.


formation of new neural connections: Not only this, but it can also promote the repair of damaged brain tissues. And oxytocin is a multi-purpose molecule that can bring great benefits to our body, beyond the social and well-being sphere.


Acts as a shield against depression: Not only does it promote these positive emotions, but it also inhibits the action of the amygdala, which is responsible for fear. This reduces negative emotions, increasing self-confidence and self-assurance in people.

Oxytocin production methods


practice sports: Be it martial arts, yoga or any other physical activity, everything promotes the production of oxytocin. Furthermore, it is well known that physical exercise has great benefits for physical, mental and emotional health.


Listen to music: A moment of peace and relaxation, in which you are alone and listening to your song or your favorite group, can increase the levels of this hormone.


spend time with friends: As we mentioned earlier, social relationships are key to activating oxytocin, increasing happiness levels and improving mood.


Characteristics of affection: A hug at a time when you are happy, or when you are feeling nothing, is always welcome and most comforting.


Keep pets: Petting a cat or spending time with your dog can significantly increase oxytocin levels.


concentrate: Take a moment to yourself, focus on yourself, let go of fear and practice self-knowledge. This will increase the production of oxytocin, which will promote a feeling of relaxation.


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