It is the Valencian who represents Spain in Miss World

Paula PerezWins the title of Miss World Spain in 2022, prepares for Rrepresentation of For Spain in the next Miss World pageant. The Valencian has decided to temporarily suspend his career as a doctor to take part in the international competition to be held at the GEO World Convention Center in Bombay, India on March 9.

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and Master of Aesthetic SurgerySince 2019, he has worked as a family doctor. Before facing the Miss World Spain contest, the young woman shared a message on her social networks in which she confessed that she was “full of will and very grateful to all the people who supported me along the way. It is A contest that crowns “Beauty with a Purpose” -which matches my work as a doctor -and everything about preparing for it throughout the year keeps me excited; Which brings me closer to a better version of me all the time”.

In its Presentation video for world beauty pageant You can see images that alternate different aspects of Paula Pérez’s life and that allow you to know her better. A series of clips in which she is seen dancing, wearing flamenco (in honor of her mother’s Cádiz roots), playing the piano, in the operating room, with her family and collaborating with various organizations.

(Mother of eight and former dancer: This is American Hannah Neeleman, who competed for Miss World)

In the life of 27 year old Miss your mother is necessary, she herself states that it was her mother who “taught her the value of believing in her dreams, encouraged her to pursue them and was her biggest support.” In an emotional moment in the video, Paula Pérez “gives thanks for her family, and assures that, taking care of them is what gives her peace.”

Dedicated to humanitarian causes and helping others, the Miss World 2024 candidate is proud to be able to care for the elderly and the most vulnerable. She learned something from “working 24-hour shifts and being an ER resident during the coronavirus pandemic.” He explains that in the extreme conditions he faced “many challenges that have allowed him to grow as a person and become more resilient.” “Kind, cheerful and hard-working,” Paula Perez is determined to “dedicate her life to important humanitarian causes”,

(Mother of eight and former dancer: This is American Hannah Neeleman, who competed for Miss World)

Already in the last part of his presentation video, the Valencian confesses that Much of his essence as a person comes from his passion for art., be present throughout life. A way in which her father, who is also an artist and who can be seen in the video playing guitar with Paula, who was still a child, was essential.

Miss World Spain 2022 She sings, plays the piano, dances ballet, paints and writes poetry. Her seven years at the Valencia Dance Conservatory have disciplined her and taught her to “transform pain into beauty and strength.” a life that is summed up in “Only helping others gives life meaning.”And this is “Beauty with a Purpose”.

Road to success: Miss World 2023

A week ago, Paula Perez leaves Spain for India, Still at the airport, Miss, very excited and adorned with large Spanish flags, announced: “I’m so happy to be setting off on this incredible journey. I can’t wait to meet you all! Let’s go!!”

Day after day, the Valencian has shared his experiences with his followers and made it clear that no matter what happens in the competitionHe already enjoying the road, “Today we reached Nagpur and visited the Dr. Hedgewar Memorial Committee Center with @missworld and it was an honor to hear his noble mission and share with him our beauty with a purpose,” she said.

In a few days, Paula Pérez has been able to meet her colleagues and enjoy the culture and benefits of the host country. Dinners, parties, dances, rehearsals, laughter… Mrs has a busy schedule till 9th ​​MarchThe day we know who among them will win the Miss World crown. Best wishes, Paula!

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