“It’s affecting the referees every week”

J.Ouan Laporta keeps getting people talking. On this occasion he is troubled by Real Madrid’s attitude towards the videos that its official television dedicates to the refereeing team each match week. The president of FC Barcelona has been clear: “I’m still angry because what Real Madrid television does is shameful”He declared in the second part of the interview given to the newspaper sports world,

Imagine if we had been like that all day, they would have already criminalized us and approved

jon laporta

an exemplary approval

However, his criticism in this regard did not stop there and went further, demanding a solution: “I believe that football regulators should intervene here because He’s impressing, trying to impress the referees every two to three times, every week.” he said, clearly annoyed. In fact, he even hinted at what would happen if they did the same: “Imagine if we had been like that all day, they would have already criminalized us and approved,

“I think undoubtedly he deserves an exemplary recognition.”, expressed his opinion on this matter. “I don’t agree at all with how Real Madrid TV is dealing with this issue because it could even lead to competition manipulation,” he said. An opinion he maintained throughout the interview and when questioned about: “If measures are not taken, it could distort competition.”,

What was there was technical arbitration advice and reports and videos were provided as evidence.

jon laporta

Broken relations with Real Madrid…except Super League

But he spoke not only about the Real Madrid television video, but also about the relationship that the Whites currently exist with the club: “Not good relations with Madrid“. A tense situation which can be understood from the ‘Negrera case’ as the decisions that the club has taken in this regard appear to be “an aberration.” He asked that the directive be extended when There’s nothing there and you’ll get nothing Because there is nothing. (…) Here What was there was technical arbitration advice and reports and videos were provided as evidence.“, Laporta said.

Now, there is one exception where Laporta understands with Florentino Pérez: the European Super League. “It is more an economic issue or one of economic interest that we are there because Barcelona is interested,” he begins, explaining his reasons. ,If we had started that competition now, we would have made a lot of money in two years (…) I think it will be a very attractive competition and I believe that it will start in 2025 and in which the resistance of two clubs like Barça and Madrid against the rioters and UEFA has given results.

Joaos… are they living?

Furthermore, it is also time to talk about the possibility that both of them will remain at FC Barcelona joao felix and joao cancelo, The two players who are currently on loan from Atlético de Madrid and Manchester City have become key for Xavi and Laporta sees them next year along with Ansu Fati: “I think they will continue. “I hope that Atlético de Madrid will not object to Joao Felix staying with us and I think City will not object either.” And he explains: “Which I can’t tell you right now, because it will largely depend on the amount whether we will sign them or extend the loan.,


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