“This is an act of God”: Coenichem founder honored with 2024 National Medical Award

At Ciudadano ADN we spoke to the winner of the 2024 National Medicine Award, Jorge Rojas Zegers, Founder of Koenichem,

,This award has brought happiness to many people., It’s a beautiful thing and the happiness spreads, it creates an amazingly good atmosphere,” Rojas commented at the beginning of the conversation.

Next, the Koenichem founder shares what the moment was when he found his identity. ,I was playing bridge with my daughter“, he confessed laughing.

“They called me and I left my cell phone hands-free, and no one was supposed to know. Did not understand anything And they told me not to tell anyone until the announcement was made. It was the best-kept secret between my wife, my daughter and my son George who was involved in the entire application,” he said.

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beyond human

Jorge Rojas Zegers expressed that he was surprised to receive the 2024 National Medicine Award. In his own words, “my only ability is to call people,

“We left some of the founders – Sergio Dominguez, Ricardo Ayala and Guillermo Ibarra, who are no longer with us – and it grew. In the beginning we used to employ 6 people and now we have 600 people, I say, the moment it happened…it’s so good and gives so much joy,” he said.

Along the same lines, Rojas noted the origins of the work with Koenichem. ,our aim was very precise:The child is burnt in the middle,” he said.

“Immediately, we created the motto ‘everything for the burnt child’ and it has been quite demanding, that’s all. Later, I added ‘going beyond what is reasonable’ to my speech. Koenichem is not fair, that’s why it’s an act of God“If she were human, she would be super calculated,” he said.

For service and business

Jorge Rojas is a plastic surgeon He decided to use his knowledge to meet the needs of peopleSomething that could be considered turning their backs on the economic prosperity of their profession.

In relation to the above, Rojas confessed that “With my wife, when we got married, We ask for gifts from God: “To give us a narrow path.”

“We knew that a family growing up with 7 children would have to learn how to live in moderation, think about others and be welcoming. We have never focused our lives on creating wealth but on spreading happiness and this is done through service. This narrow passage allowed us to have a Koenichem that lives in a narrow passage“he declared.


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