Jay Leno requests guardianship of his wife after she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

Miami.- Wife from presenter jay lenoMavis Leno was diagnosed Alzheimer’s, According to a document obtained by People in November. Since then, her health has deteriorated over the past few weeks, and the now 77-year-old woman is having problems with her memory, ability to concentrate and use of logic.

For this reason, 73-year-old Leno has requested guardianship of his wife to take proper care of his estate and ensure that the woman gets all the necessary care if he dies first.

“Unfortunately, Mavis has been losing ability and orientation in space and time for many years,” the presenter writes in the document she submitted to request conservatorship.

Hola! According to the magazine, it was revealed that the former Tonight Show host asked the judge handling the case not to insist that Mavis attend the hearing, because he believed it would be “a threat to her physical and mental health.” “Will be harmful for.”

Although the exact date of her diagnosis is unknown, Mavis’s dementia is rapidly progressing.


In November 2022, Leno’s face, chest, and hands were burned while he was repairing one of the vehicles in his collection (he has over 180 cars). Gasoline caught fire at the scene.

A month after the incident, Jay gave an interview to Today in which he expressed concern for his wife, as Mavis had already stopped driving at the time, so he explained that before going to the hospital to get help, He stayed at her house to explain the situation.

“My wife doesn’t drive anymore and I didn’t want her to be stuck and not know what was going on, it just seemed like the right thing to do and I think it’s the right thing to do,” he said.

However, during that time, and later when the presenter had a motorcycle accident, Mavis remained with him.

Jay and Mavis married in the 1980s after meeting at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood.

The reason Leno started the guardianship process to settle everything is because he never had children. According to TMZ, Mavis was responsible for that decision because she is four years older than Leno.



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