Chivas vs Toluca match summary (3-2). Target

The fourth time was the charm for Fernando Gago’s Chivas, who finally they found out victory Completion in 2024 Toluca lost 3-2 In an exciting match on the Akron Stadium field.

The sacred flock did not know victory, 2 draws and 1 lossAnd the Red Devils’ journey was not looking comfortable at all, but they got the result at home.

With support from the box from Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, Chivas was not spectacular, but they managed to win and that was important.

These were the goals of the Chivas vs. Toluca

The match looked like it would be full of goal scoring action and from the stopwatch onwards it did not disappoint Didn’t even reach 20 seconds. And Chivas was already a hit. play nice Fernando Beltran defined After a brilliant recovery from Víctor Guzmán, with a powerful shot that beat Tiago Volpi. Toluca footballers called for a foul on Claudio Baeza, a play which was reviewed in VAR and cleared so that the Sacred Flock won 1–0.

Toluca was not disappointed and In the 7th minute he managed to equalize with Marcel RuizWho took advantage of poor fielding by Mateo Chávez, and a play initiated by Edgar López that left them with the ball, so the score was already 1–1.

Beltrán regained confidence and in the 18th minute he fired a powerful shot that was saved by Volpi, and a few seconds later, Gilberto Sepúlveda fired a header from a set piece which was once again blocked by the Brazilian goalkeeper.

Cade Cowell made his first start, looking active and very sharp in attack, and on 31′ he headed Víctor Guzmán, which Pocho finished off Volpi from the same area.

On 38 minutes Tiba Sepúlveda went for an air ball, there was no communication with Chávez and they collided badly, the center back got the worst result. Left the field due to concussion protocol,

It looked as if they were going into the break with a 1-1 draw, but no, because on 42′ pavel perez He controlled the ball, kept it and fired a good shot into the area to give Chivas the lead again.

The feelings didn’t end there, because 45′ brian garcia Defined by closing a center by Maximiliano Araújo and make it 2-2 before half time,

Starting the complement, Juan Pablo Domínguez scored the third for Toluca in the visitor’s counter-attack, which Raúl Rangel ended with a slapshot; The situation was similar on 54′ when Jesús Orozco almost scored an own goal while trying to clear a Garcia cross with his head.

Chivas continued to chase and in the 68th minute Víctor Guzmán shot wide and hard from distance, but Volpi kept the ball.

Guadalajara got the winning goal in the 81st minute when Ricardo Marín received a ball from Armando “Hormiga” González; He hit the crossbar to beat Volpi and make the score 3–2.

“Ant” still had a fourth in the 88th minute but hit it badly, causing a heart attack, but Chivas won on home ground.

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