Jennifer Lawrence has bad memories of her wedding, because that day was so stressful

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have very good memories of the happiest day of her life. to the star of hunger gamesThe day in 2019 when she married Cook Maroney was mostly synonymous with stress and anxiety.

“It is very stressful. You are not enjoying. You just think to yourself, “Is this person having fun?” “, the actress explained to E! News. “I’ll never forget. I was afraid that the guests would be cold and all my friends were lying and saying: “No one is cold, no one is cold, everything is fine, everything is fine”. » Until the actress’s mother confirmed to them that it was, in fact, freezing!

When Robert De Niro gets involved

“My mom said to me: ‘It’s so cold outside, your grandma almost died,'” said Jennifer Lawrence, who, unfortunately, was not at the end of her troubles. In fact, she went completely off the rails when she realized that one of her most famous guests, namely Robert De Niro, was as bored as a caged lion!

“I looked at Bob, who didn’t know anyone, completely abandoned and I said to myself: ‘No, he doesn’t want to be there. I don’t want him to be there (to be bored),'” Jennifer Lawrence. Remembered who shared the poster happiness therapy With Hollywood legends. “So I went over to her and whispered to her, ‘Go home.’ But he was nice and he liked talking to my parents. But I said, “Go ahead, you can go.” » And the actor finally left, much to the relief of the bride, who still wonders how she managed to survive this day!

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