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We asked the Oscar-winning actress jessica chastain – who were recently announced as new faces true botanical – About the kissable lip balm, tiny in-ear earbuds and non-irritating retinol she can’t live without.

James Purse Cashmere Beanie

I’m a New Yorker and I’ve had these hats forever. I discovered him on the set. Usually, I like to go shopping on weekends when I am on the set. If there’s a James Pierce store, it makes me very happy because I love the feel of their cotton. Its T-shirts were already a part of my everyday uniform and then, when I discovered beanies, it was heaven. In New York, especially with the weather we have right now, I’ll wear one whenever I go out.

Fresh Sugar Hydrating Lip Balm

I love lip balm. I like to wear a little lipstick on my lips, but what I love most is the moisture and moisturizing of my skin. I like that it’s not sticky. I find that some lip balms can be a little sticky, and I dislike that if my hair gets stuck on it, it’s not something I want to wear. It feels absolutely natural: I love the smell of it; It’s kind of sweet. And it feels kissable – if I’m lucky enough to get kissed, it won’t stop the guy (my husband).

philip kingsley elasticizer

There’s probably a pattern to all of my favorite things, and that’s hydration. Being a redhead, my skin and hair are very sensitive and I need to hydrate myself constantly. In the case of Philip Kingsley, I don’t even use it as directed; I use it maybe once or twice a week when I shower, I apply it to the ends of my hair, flip my hair up and go to sleep with wet hair. I never wash it; I keep it in my hair overnight. It’s all about moisture, and I love what it does in terms of giving me a little bit of shine. It is also a natural way to keep frizz away.

Trebor Extra Strong Mint

I like its size: This is a mint you have to commit to. Some people don’t like the chalkiness of it – I love it. I like smooth mint; I like it almost like Altoids, like chocolate. But it’s bigger and softer than Altoids. I probably also like the fact that I can’t buy it in the United States. So I’m someone who really keeps stock of this when I travel to the UK, I’ve got 40 rolls of this in my house – there’s a drawer full of them. And I bring them everywhere. When I’m doing press or when I’m meeting people and signing autographs, I always make sure I don’t get into a situation where I don’t have a mint (and a Sharpie).

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay

I think they are very beautiful and attractive. I have them in the rose-gold color, and I love them. At one point I was nervous: I was in a taxi and I thought I had left the matter there because I was on a call. Luckily I got it the next day, but I was going to go out and buy another pair. I like that they don’t hurt my ears. I have small ears, so if it’s a tight earbud, it doesn’t really sound good after listening to calls for a while. I also like that they don’t fall out.

Orange Blossom Lab 27

I don’t really have any specific scent. I choose a different scent for each of my characters, and so I’m always exploring new perfumes, but Le Labo is my favorite perfumery. I have several things that I wear and I love wearing the orange-flowered one. (I also like roses, labdanum, and iris.) I have a long-standing relationship with that company: the orange blossoms I wore for tree of Lifei wore labdanum for unlawfuland i wore roses scene of a wedding, So it depends on what I’m playing.

zen water

The bottles are made from 100 percent recycled marine plastic. The company works by going into the rivers to clean the plastic, because once it goes from the rivers to the sea, you cannot use it. So it is actually working to clean our rivers. I am also very conscious about water. I don’t like to drink it again and again. Some people are like, “I’m addicted to water,” but for me it’s always like, “I need to drink some water.” And there are some waters that I don’t like because they either have minerals in them or they have salinity in them. I like it. And I like the shape of the bottle too. It’s wide, so it looks like I’m drinking from a small glass.

True Botanicals Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum

I like company because I’m a vegetarian. It is cruelty-free; It is vegetarian; It is organic. It’s everything I want in my skin care routine. And I love retinol because I don’t like wrinkles either, so I want to do whatever I can to get rid of them. But I think that traditional retinol, because I’m redhead and because I have dry skin, can give me a little dry spots and flaky and not be so good (skin). True Botanical Retinol works two times faster than traditional retinol, and it doesn’t leave those side effects on my skin, which, especially when I’m working where I’m having pictures taken or I have to If I am being filmed, I do not suffer any harm. I don’t want dry spots on my face.

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