Joana Sanz’s writing after Dani Alves’ sentence

AndLast Thursday, February 22, 2024, the Barcelona court convicted the footballer Daniel Alves of the crime of sexual assault and sentenced him to four years and six months in prison.

As established by the Court, it has been proved that the accused violently held the complainant, threw her on the ground and started penetrating her vagina, despite her repeated refusal and desire to leave. . The conclusion of the sentence is that this behavior is a violation of the victim not having consent, using force, and carrying out a sexual act.

Joana Sanz needed four days to process this sentence and make public a statement in which she held the media responsible for the impact on her mental health. However, the Canarian model is ignoring the fact that it was she who chose to give interviews to various media to present her version of the events and live program “De Friday!” participated in. To address her experience and describe the act of sexual harassment as “infidelity”.

Joana Sanz tells how bad it was for her and what she is still going through after the sentencing of her former partner Dani Alves.

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