Jose Caicedo was injured in the Pumas vs. Santos; came out crying

jose casideoplayers of UNAM PUMASWhat first turned into tears of joy then turned into mourning. Santos LagunaBecause just minutes after making his debut as the team’s top scorer, the Colombian left the field of play Injureda situation that may occur take him away from the courts again Like the last tournament.

How did Jose Caicedo get injured?

gone to minutes 50 of the duel played in University Olympic Stadium When the coffee producer, who made it 2-0 Before the end of the first half they took on the scoreboard hand on right foot after feeling a severe pain,

The match referee immediately stopped the match so that puma elements The Auriezules medical team attended. From that moment it was seen cacido To burst into tears.

After treatment on the playing field, it was determined that the South American I couldn’t proceed in the meetingso it came out of the transformation minute 54 being helped by Cesar “Chino” Huerta And Adrian Aldrete,

Whereas cacido He walked with difficulty to the bench cougar player i couldn’t stop crying, a sentiment he continued to express for several minutes. So far The severity of the injury is unknown Suffering from the 21 year old midfielder.

Caicedo was returning from a long recovery

It’s worth remembering cacido He was returning after losing a large part of opening 2023 After suffering a muscle injury during the game between cougar And America according to day 10, Despite his lengthy absence, it seemed as if the Colombian had earned the title with the Cats, which is now in doubt again.

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