José Mujica once again criticized the regime of Nicolás Maduro: “It does not respect the elementary laws of democracy”.

Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica assures that democratic laws are not respected in Venezuela (@mediosrincon)

(from Montevideo, Uruguay) , Former President of Uruguay jose mujica He once again criticized the government Nicolas Maduro, The leftist leader, who ruled between 2010 and 2015, said the country lived under a “stubborn regime” that does not respect “the elementary laws of democracy.”

,Do you know what is the misfortune of Venezuela? It has the same misfortune as Argentina: it is too rich. And they have surrounded him. His is a stubborn regime, which is blindly contradictory.” Mujica told Radio Rincon while attending an event at the Soriano Active Expo.

“When your place is under siege, anyone who dissents is a traitor. so, The Venezuelan political system is always vigilant and does not respect the elementary laws of democracy, You need to respect people who think differently because to agree… it would be a pain, we are left with monarchy. “We need the freedom to disagree,” he said.

Jose Mujica with Nicolas Maduro

This is not the first time that Mujica has questioned the situation in Venezuela. about 1 month ago, He characterized the government as authoritarian and assured that it was “going the other way.”

Asked on that occasion whether there was a dictatorship in Venezuela, Mujica replied: “Where does the concept of dictatorship originate from? This was the decision of the Roman Empire when the potatoes were burning. He centralized power and handed over its command to one person. No disagreement or anything. Closed orders, because in moments of danger you cannot discuss, someone must be in charge. There the figure of the dictator was invented.”

“Venezuela has an authoritarian government. Call him a dictator, call him whatever you want“, He mentioned.

In his comments, the former Uruguayan President also questioned the Venezuelan Vice President, delsey rodriguezwho questioned the President louis lacalle pau Saying he had “the face of a bastard”.

He assured that the Caribbean country has an “authoritarian government.”

“You can’t talk about America’s presidents like that. You shouldn’t talk. Also for convenience and diplomatic reasons. the beating is gone”, questioned the former President.

Mujica is not the only leader wide front He Chavista is a critical voice regarding the regime, former chancellor rodolfo nin novoa (Who played this role in the previous government.) tabare vazquez) defined it as “an authoritarian government that restricts human rights”.

“Venezuela undoubtedly has a serious democratic deficit. What we have to do with Venezuela is give it the same signal we gave it: not appoint a political ambassador (and) suspend it from Mercosur,” he said.

The former chancellor described the opposition leader’s disqualification as “wrong” and “inexcusable”. Maria Corina Machado, to contest. “An administrative authority should not suspend the political right of any person,” he said.

Former Foreign Minister Rodolfo Nin Novoa is one of the leaders of Uruguay’s Broad Front, which is critical of the Nicolás Maduro regime. (Reuters/Andres Staff)

Nin Novoa explained that when he was Chancellor he could not “grade” countries and because of his role, he could not make these types of comments.

Jose Mujica was also consulted First 100 days of Xavier Miley’s government, The leader pointed out that before his inauguration, the rulers had gone “to the other side” and now exactly the opposite has happened. ,I hope there’s a needle that finds the middle a little bit“, They said.

To answer, Mujica once again resorted to historical anecdote. “2,500 years ago Aristotle said: ‘When men make laws they have the gods on their side, but when they are going to obey them the gods are not there.’ “Organizations don’t fail, we humans fail,” he said.

Mujica contrasted Argentina’s political moment with Uruguay’s: “Uruguay is subdued. do you know why? Because there are more cows than humans in it. And the cows are good: they eat grass and don’t bother anyone.

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