Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman, creators of Carnage

The cinema of the week will release with Thierry Fiorille and Matteo Maestrasi: “May December” by Todd Haynes and “Captives” by Arnaud des Pallieres.



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"may december" By Todd Haynes.  Julianne Moore, left, (Gracie Atherton-Yu) with Natalie Portman (Elizabeth Berry) (May December 2022 Courtesy of Investors LLC/Francois Duhamel/Netflix)

Todd Haynes, who likes to explore the gray areas of American culture, starts with a news story, in the 90s, about a married woman and mother having an affair with a 13-year-old schoolboy, trying to rekindle the relationship. Before she goes to jail. , and with the child she had two children, who grew up.

Nowadays, Natalie Portman, a famous actress, will meet this woman, Julianne Moore, and her family to refine her role. She is going to turn this story into a film. The relationship between the two women is not healthy: mimicry, jealousy, intrusion, the actress goes too far in this approach, and the man, the weaker role of the trio, detects, through this external gaze, his own alienation. may december Disturbing, and remarkably played.

captive by Arnaud des Pallieres

A top notch female artist: Mélanie Thierry, Marina Fois, Josiane Balasco and Carole Bouquet, among others, and the first mentioned play Fanny, who arrives at the Salpêtrière hospital in Paris in 1894 at the beginning of the film. She claims to have entered completely voluntarily. For his mother. Innumerable patients presenting more or less acute pathologies of various kinds are looked after by unfriendly supervisors, who sometimes abuse and insult them.

In this eerie closed door, an exorcism will take shape, and art will bring a little light, the film offers a reflection on this observation MadnessHere is a term used to isolate and shut out women, to such an extent that one wonders whether Fanny herself, who is presented as a victim, is not a legend. .

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