Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman weren’t (really) directed by Todd Haynes

But how does he do it? When it comes to penetrating the female psyche, Todd Haynes has no equal. He specifically showed this Tune, he goes even further may december, was discovered at the Cannes Film Festival and then shown at the Deauville Festival. He directs two great actresses, Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman, with an Oscar-nominated script reflecting on their profession.

The first lady had to go to jail for seducing an underage young man, with whom she started a family, causing a real scandal. The other is the actress who will play her in a sulfurous biopic filmed twenty years after the fact. When the two meet to prepare for the film, the conflict between them will be interesting. Todd Haynes explains, “Julian and Natalie are Rolles, two actors at the peak of their talent.” 20 minutes. I was the first audience to see them refine their duet performance in my film. The process was fascinating. » It is equally so for the spectators caught up in this power game, whose powers are gradually subverted until they cause irreversible damage.

a perfect collaboration

Todd Haynes insists, “I won’t talk about directing actresses, because that would create an air of authority that I don’t like and that would seem disrespectful to them. It was more collaboration or osmosis because we understood each other completely. The audience gets the feeling that they have been invited behind the curtain to learn how a character is created, which is all the more interesting because the film offers a real glimpse into the abyss.

Todd Haynes laughs, “Natalie plays the kind of actress who would have to play a woman like Julianne.” It’s dizzying to think about the film this way! »This also creates interest may december (The title of which refers to the large age difference in the relationship). Even more than the actual case on which the plot is independently inspired, Todd Haynes is passionate about the notion of acting and the selfishness involved in its creation. “Natalie’s character is everything that a vampire is,” he explains, “she is barely aware of the fact that she is exploiting her model and the people around her to deliver a great performance.” I know actresses and comedians who look like her. ,

An impeccable pas de deux

The director, who is here collaborating with Julianne Moore for the fifth time, has refused to take her as a model. He insists, “Julian doesn’t need to swallow people to be fair and neither does Natalie.” They act with kindness and generosity. I think that helps make them great. » His impeccably choreographed pas de deux is a delight as well as a beautiful lesson in composition. Discerningly present conductor Todd Haynes has created another beautiful and delicate film that highlights these women with complementary talents.

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