Jurgen Klopp calls for FC Barcelona after Diaz’s Liverpool exit: Xavi announces his departure Premier League

In world football as long as there is ambition and money, everything, absolutely everything, can happen. Even a sad farewell can later turn into happy news.

Nostalgia remains a constant at Liverpool today following Jurgen Klopp’s announcement that he will be leaving the club at the end of the current season. The players, starting with Colombian Luis Diaz, are still pondering what life would be like without the man who risked so much loyalty for them so many times.

However, after the successful German’s announcement, there are already those who have him in other clubs, despite the fact that he said in his statement that he would take a good rest.

According to the newspaper ‘Bild’, DT’s future will pass directly through his wife Ulla and his family. But it is also true that there are no signs of a comeback and that is why many scenarios are being proposed thinking about the future. The first will eventually be a return to his home country, where he is targeting Bayern Munich or a German team.

‘Bild’ claims Jürgen’s son, 36-year-old Dennis, lives between Mainz and Wiesbaden and two years ago gave his father a grandson he can barely see. They will build a luxury residence and this encourages the option to return.

However, knowing that Tuchel has a contract with the Bavarians until 2025 and that Nagelsmann has only recently taken over as coach and faces the challenge of Euro 2024, the first option becomes complicated. Furthermore, Klopp himself confirmed that he would not coach any team other than Liverpool in the Premier League, ruling out England. For this reason, a third path is opening: Spain.

From there they get excited about some of the details. According to newspaper Sport, the Klopp family owns a 5,000-square-metre farm in the town of Andratx in Majorca, a summer paradise to exchange the rain and cold of England and Germany for the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea.

This, says the source, will bring him closer to FC Barcelona, ​​which was already interested in him in the past: “It is the only big bench in the Spanish league where he can land because of his cachet because Real Madrid renewed Carlo Ancelotti has a contract until 2026 and ‘Cholo’ Simeone has a contract with Atletico until 2027,” the newspaper said.

He said, “The signing of Jurgen Klopp would be a great coup and will once again excite Barcelona fans. His charisma and personality have mesmerized European football.”

The announcement made in the last hours by Xavi in ​​the middle of the year that he was leaving the technical direction is the missing piece in that puzzle, although the financial reality is a hurdle that will be insurmountable for many. Of course, the summer market is still a few months away and anything can happen, but right now it’s complicated.

The curiosity is that Klopp is talking about the Blaugrana house, the same one with which Luis Diaz was linked in recent months as a possible move to the next summer market. Will such a situation arise? Wouldn’t that be more of a ‘see you later’ in Liverpool? Klopp has a special admiration for the Colombian and this reunion would be ideal. But there is still much, much more left to tell. The reality today is that they are together in Liverpool and that is the only verifiable thing.

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