12 Zoe Saldana Characters Would Be Great In James Gunn’s New DC Universe


  • Zoe Saldana may portray several fantastic DC Comics characters in the upcoming DC Universe reboot.
  • Her previous work with James Gunn and her rank as an actress make her a desirable talent for the new DC Universe.
  • Zoe Saldana’s potential roles include Renee Montoya, Vixen, Cheetah, Catwoman, and more iconic DC characters.

DC Comics has many great characters zoe saldana May be featured in the upcoming DC Universe reboot. Zoe Saldana is best known for her work in major science fiction franchises, particularly the MCU and James Cameron’s. Avatar Franchise. Her work led to her becoming the second highest-grossing film actress behind Scarlett Johansson. Zoe Saldana has appeared in four of the highest-grossing films of all time: Avatar, Avatar: The Way of Water, Avengers: Infinity War And Avengers: Endgame, This has made him an incredibly desirable talent in Hollywood, and he may get a role in the new DC Universe.

Zoe Saldana previously worked with DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn on the MCU Guardians of the Galaxy suffrage, in which she played Gamora. In January 2024, Saldana was interrogated comicbook.com about reuniting with Gunn in his and creator Peter Safran’s rebooted DC Universe. Saldana said that she ,I will be very grateful” For a new superhero role, and since Gunn has a pattern of choosing actors he’s worked with before, it’s very likely that Zoe Saldana could join the DCU. Although no casting has been confirmed, there are several fantastic DC Comics characters that Zoe Saldana would be a perfect fit for.


MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy starring in James Gunn’s DC Universe

The Guardians of the Galaxy cast may make the jump from the MCU to the DCU with the help of James Gunn. These are the characters they can play.

12 Renee Montoya, aka The Question

Renee Montoya may appear in The Brave and the Bold

Renee Montoya first appeared in DC Comics batman #475 In 1992, he is introduced as a detective in the Gotham City Police Department who comes into frequent contact with Bruce Wayne’s Batman. After being convicted of murder, she leaves the police force and is trained as the new superhero, the Question. Montoya’s adventures with Batman and later Batwoman make it likely that she will appear in an upcoming DCU film. the brave and the BoldAnd Zoe Saldana might be perfect for the role. Saldana has the ability to portray Renee Montoya’s tenacious attitudeWhile also being able to take on the hero’s more action-heavy sequences.

11 Zazala, aka the queen bee

Queen Bee battles Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash in DC Comics

Queen Bee in costume in DC Comics

Zoe Saldana is known for portraying some of the most powerful heroes in modern cinema, but she may play a supervillain in the new DC Universe. Before becoming the leader of H.I.V.E., a terrorist organization in DC Comics, Queen Bee of Zazala came into battle with the Justice League in an attempt to begin the interstellar expansion of her species. Zazala is one of the most quietly powerful villains in DC Comics, so this could be a great role for SaldanaEspecially since it means she could play a role in several upcoming DC Universe projects.

10 Barbara Ann Minerva, aka Cheetah

Cheetah was previously played by Kristen Wiig in the DCEU

Cheetah is attacking in DC comics

Kristen Wiig previously played Barbara Minerva’s Cheetah in the DCEU wonder woman 1984, But this version received some criticism, and is likely to be rewritten in the new DC Universe. Although several characters have adopted the Cheetah moniker in DC Comics, Minerva is by far the most prominent, and might be the ideal role for Zoe Saldana. Minerva becomes the powerful and villainous Cheetah after being empowered by the plant god Urzakartaga, As a frequent rival of Wonder Woman, it’s possible that Saldana could debut as Minerva’s Cheetah in the upcoming DCU film. Paradise Lost Chain.


DC’s new Game of Thrones style show establishes the biggest difference between the DCU and DCEU

The upcoming Paradise Lost Wonder Woman prequel will set up a major difference between the new DCU and the old DCEU.

9 Zatanna Joanna Zatara

Zatanna is a key member of DC Comics’ Justice League Dark

Zatanna performing magic in DC Comics

Introduced in 1964 Hawkman #4, DC Comics’ Zatanna is a powerful sorceress whose access to mysterious and mystical artifacts makes her a valuable member of many superhero teams. Zatanna has not only been included in the Justice League team, but she has also been a key member of Justice League Dark, which has been teased for the DCU with the upcoming debut of Eric Frankenstein and Swamp Thing, Zatanna would be a great role for Zoe Saldana, giving her the opportunity to fully showcase her charisma, personality, and energy, with her debut perhaps reviving canceled plans for a Zatanna-centric project.

8 Yolanda Montez, aka Wildcat

Wildcat’s DCU debut could upset another superhero team

Yolanda Montez in DC Comics costume

While the Justice League, Justice League Dark and Suicide Squad are among the superhero teams teased for the new DC Universe, the introduction of Yolanda Montez could hint at the Justice Society of America making their debut in the rebooted franchise. Despite her resemblance to Catwoman, Zoe Saldana would be perfect for this cat-themed role, because She could help establish DCU’s history, as Montez was the second Wildcat., following in the footsteps of his godfather, Ted Grant. Saldana’s love for action roles makes her an obvious candidate for the acrobatic and energetic Wildcat.

7 Rosabel Mendez, aka Pantha

Pantha is commonly portrayed as a teenage hero in DC Comics.

Rosabel Mendez in DC Comics costume

While Rosabel Mendez’s cult is usually associated with the Teen Titans – perhaps she’s too old for Zoe Saldana to portray – recent adventures have seen her established as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. It is possible that this group could be featured in the DCU lantern series, and Saldana would be a great name to join this project. Actually, the Black Lantern Corps consisted of dead characters, and Saldana may want to avoid the makeup chair after portraying Neytiri and GamoraBut the agile Pantha would still be a great casting choice.

6 Husband Jive McCabe, aka Vixen

Vixen has fought alongside many high-profile heroes in DC Comics

Empowered by the Tantu Totem, Mari Jive McCabe is one of DC Comics’ most ruthless and powerful female warriors. The totem allows him to harness the spirit of any animal past or present and perform his abilities, which has led him to fight alongside some of DC’s strongest and most prominent heroes, including Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash. , Superman, Zatanna and. Cyborg. This could be the perfect role for Zoe Saldana The high-profile star could be cast as Vixen in several upcoming DCU projectsIn which the character is a member of various incarnations of the Justice League team.

Two versions of Vixen were shown on The CW. arrowverse:Mary McCabe of Megaline Echikunwoke in the animated series fox and in the live-action series Arrowand Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ Amaya Jiwe, a World War II-themed vixen and Mari’s grandmother. legends of tomorrow,

5 Victoria Vale

Vicki Vale could be key to DCU’s Batman introduction

Vicki Vale at the DC Comics office

Despite having no superpowers, Victoria “Vicki” Vale is a major supporting character of DC Comics’ Batman, meaning she may be an ever-present figure in the DCU, perhaps debuting as well. the brave and the Bold, Zoe Saldana will take a more restrained approach in this role than previous, action-heavy roles, but he may still get a chance to play a major role in the DCU’s new Batman stories. Vicki Vale is a Gotham City journalist who is often seen as Bruce Wayne’s lover, which could see Saldana in a more investigative role rather than a superhero.

4 Caroline Ferris, aka Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire may debut in DCU’s Lantern series

Star Sapphire is using her power in DC Comics

Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern is set to debut in the DCU lantern The series, which may also introduce his longtime love interest, Carol Ferris, aka Star Sapphire. Despite having romantic interests in each other, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern have fought several times over the years, which could create an interesting dynamic in the new DCU. Zoe Saldana would be a perfect fit for this cosmic role, especially because she has the ability to portray an everyday, human version of Ferris as well as the extremely powerful Star Sapphire. This would give Saldana the chance to play both a villain and a hero in the DCU.

Blake Lively played Carol Ferris in the 2011 scandalous film green LanternIt was here that she met her current husband Ryan Reynolds, who played Hal Jordan.

3 Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman

Catwoman is played by Zoë Kravitz in Matt Reeves’ The Batman franchise

Catwoman is attacking in DC Comics

Selina Kyle’s Catwoman has been used significantly in live-action batman Projects over the years have featured the likes of Michelle Pfeiffer, Eartha Kitt, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, and Zoe Kravitz. The latter will presumably continue to play Batman’s villain-come-love-interest in Matt Reeves. Batman franchise, but it’s likely that a new version will be introduced in the DCU. Zoe Saldana can play this demanding role, bringing emotional range to the characterAnd striking the right balance between villain and hero – perhaps using her experience as the MCU’s Gamora to fully embrace this dynamic.

2 Lana Lang, aka Superwoman

Lois Lane usually becomes Superwoman in DC Comics

Lana Lang's Superwoman in DC Comics looks proud

Typically, it’s Lois Lane, Clark Kent, aka Superman’s girlfriend, who turns up in various iterations of Superwoman in DC Comics. However, it’s possible that Lana Lang’s version of the superhero could be seen in the DCU, with Zoe Saldana potentially fitting the brief perfectly. Following the death of the Man of Steel in the DC Comics storyline, Lana Lang and Lois Lane both absorbed the abilities of Clark Kent and both became Superwomen. Zoe Saldana is a high-profile star, so deserves a high-profile role in the DCUAnd there may be no role more important than playing Superman’s female counterpart.

1 talia al ghul

Talia al Ghul will be a major character in the DCU’s The Brave and the Bold

Talia al Ghul is probably Bruce Wayne’s most memorable girlfriend in DC Comics, and there are hints that she’ll appear in the brave and the Bold, Ghul is the mother of Batman’s son Damian Wayne, who will debut as the DCU’s Robin, and the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and successor to the League of Assassins. Talia al Ghul would benefit from being played by a dedicated actor like Saldana, Ghul could play a big role in Batman stories in the coming years zoe saldana This would be the best choice for this formidable and handsome warrior.

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