Israel – Hamas war: Why the US and other countries have suspended their support to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees and what consequences it will have on Gaza

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The agency has warned that some 2 million Palestinians living in Gaza are at risk of losing what little support they receive from UNRWA.

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Gaza is rapidly becoming a wasteland, with few international organizations still able to provide aid to its residents: the United Nations is one of them.

The Palestine Refugee Relief and Reconstruction Agency (UNRWA) was established in 1949 and operates in Gaza, the West Bank as well as neighboring Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, serving 700,000 Palestinians who were forced to leave their homes. Had gone or those who had fled from there. Creation of the State of Israel.

Now, the agency’s management confirms that they are relying on the vital support Patti’s population of two million may be about to be wiped outSince several Western governments have suspended their funding due to allegations that some of their personnel were involved in the October 7 attacks against Israel.

Currently, the mission manages shelters for displaced persons and distributes the only aid that Israel allows in the area, but its mandate is much broader.

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