Orla Baxendale: She ate mislabeled cookies and died

one in sad EventA dancer professional A 25-year-old man from New York lost his life life after consuming a cookie A mislabeled Christmas tree containing peanuts purchased from a popular supermarket in the city. Now, both the store and its suppliers are pointing fingers at each other.

orla baxendale25-year-old suffered anaphylactic shock due to severe allergic reaction cookie Vanilla Florentine on January 11, according to a release of one Office The lawyer representing the family.

“sad Death Orla originated from an unfortunate Event related to the consumption of A cookie produced by Cookies United and sold by stu leonardsWhich contained undeclared peanuts,” said Advocate in Marijo Adimi release,

Adimi accused Negligence Serious and negligent conduct on the part of the manufacturer and/or sellers for not indicating this CONTAINER of cookies that he product There were peanuts in it.

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YouthOriginally from the United Kingdom, it was consumed by cookie At a social gathering in Connecticut.

Stu Leonard said that bakery Long Island supplies cookies did not inform them about this Change In Material,

He Wholesaler, Cookies UnitedHowever, he said that he shared Change Of Material months ago with regional supermarket chains Death Of Baxendale.

“Unfortunately, considering that Tragedy Under these circumstances, we have to point out that Stu was notified by Leonards Cookies United This in July 2023 product It now contains peanuts, and all products shipped to them were labeled accordingly,” he wrote. Cookies United one in release,

stew leonards released withdrawal of product and is working with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection to investigate the labeling error that caused this sad Event,

it worthy of regret events has been triggered Research of officials and underlines the importance of proper food labeling, especially for people with known allergies.

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