Aislinn Derbez suggests that illnesses are healed through emotions; On the networks they accuse him of giving false information

Aislinn and Innocent Fog on the podcast ‘The Magic of Chaos’, where they talked about the root of disease. Credit: Aislinn Derbez, YouTube.

Aislinn Derbez has established itself as one of the main trends on X after a recent episode of the podcast magic of chaoswhere he talked to the doctor innocent fogoriginator of bodhi therapyA stream of alternative medicine that guides people through the five biological laws tools so they can learn to heal from the rootsAccording to the information given on their website.

This episode is part of the fourth season of the podcast and was titled “The Roots of Diseases and How to Prevent Them”, Although it premiered on January 16, the conversation became a trend on social networks after influencers and doctors shared excerpts of the conversation between the actress and her guest.

In X, the topic gained visibility after the popular account it’s from the fugitives Shared a video that integrates the key statements made by Nirdosh Kohra and the statements of the actress. “You look like you’re sick, but you’re not really sick. Everything is mental. Flour. Another derbez”That was the sarcastic message that comes with the publication of audiovisuals.

which was more ironic and sharp doctor sirA health content creator popular on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube who also created a video questioning the principles of Bodhi therapy and Raises questions about the high cost of its courses Learning to do the treatment alone, which reaches 30 thousand pesos.

Due to her conversation with Dr. Nirdosh Kohra, the actress has become a trending topic on X. Credit: Aislinn Derbez, YouTube.

According to the foundations of Bodhi Medicine, diseases are the product of imbalances resulting from poorly managed emotions, which is “The body can heal itself from anything.” Innocent fog says, obeying the five biological laws.

“80% of diseases are not diseases, they are healing processes. Medicine, almost always, when it is treating the person with ‘cancer’, is attacking and removing the tumor, not treating the root cause.”He maintains.

The theory raised by Innocent Fog is supported by Aislinn Derbez, who has taken workshops with the expert in the past. According to the actress, these courses have given her the tools to live a healthy life: “I have prevented many illnesses over the past six months by implementing everything you suggested.”,

Despite his previous statements, Nirdosh Fog emphasizes that Bodhi therapy is a comprehensive methodology that also includes “different streams of alternative medicine, meditation and what is really useful about conventional medicine”:

“We are not saying that all diseases are emotions, no. There are very specific circumstances that cause imbalance in my body, mind, brain which we all have experienced in life. “Don’t believe me, don’t believe us, look at this.”

The interview generated controversy in X, where Aislinn Derbez was accused of promoting misinformation. “How dangerous that these people are talking nonsense, and want to replace doctors who study and prepare for years to save lives”, “How dangerous that people think that with “energy” they can cure those diseases. There is a complete science of health for which there is optimal treatment.”

Even journalist Pedro Ferriz Hijar joined the controversy and joked on the subject: “I think many people are going to die for following your advice.”

Users criticized Aislinn Derbez and Nirdosh Kohra. Credit: X

innocent fog He is a surgeon graduated from Anahuac University. He was born in Mexico City and has been involved in various projects. According to the Bodhi Medicine site, he is the founder of this project and of Conscious Medicine and co-founder of the Path of Meditation.

Regarding the origins of his alternative medicine, Fog summarizes it in a mixture of studies and experiences gained over many years: “I took a life journey around the world to find a way to unite Western and Eastern medicine. I have experimented on myself and have received training in various healing and transformational modalities in India, Europe, the United States and Mexico, which allowed me to create the Bodhi Medicine Institute,” his official biography reads.

In parallel with acting, Aislinn Derbez works as an influencer and digital creator with her podcast ‘The Magic of Chaos’. Photo: Instagram/@aislinnderbez

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