Kansas City Chiefs broke 29 year old record

If there is one sport that can evoke so many emotions and paralyze an entire nation for weeks, it is this one National Football League (NFL). This happens with every year’s celebration Super Bowl And no wonder, first hundreds of fans gather in one place to enjoy the game, second the halftime show and finally, the stories that players can write during the match.

On this occasion we will mention the last point mentioned above, the night of 02/11 san francisco 49ers And kansas city chiefs compete to take vince lombardi trophy In this Super Bowl LVIII,

A game that devolved with few points at least until the first half, which is why special teams worked consistently, especially the kickers of both teams.

The first of them were filled with glory Super Bowl LVIII Was jake moodyOf 49ers, Successfully kicked a 55-yard field goal in the second quarter to make the quarter 10–3. This distance set a new record in the history of the competition. already occupied steve christieconverting a 54-yard field goal buffalo bill In 1994.

Under normal circumstances special teams return the ball to focus on defense because of the distance the ball must travel to score three points. But, given the importance and what is at stake in the Super Bowl, teams take a little more risk.

Butkar breaks Super Bowl record

Fans who came to Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas witnessed one of the best special teams games from both teams. However, the excitement left by the new brand did not last long Harrison Butler left behind moody In the third quarter of the Super Bowl. With the score at 10–3, Kansas City needed to get closer quickly to stay in the title race.

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