Kanye West: His noisy parties irritate the staff of a luxury hotel

Elon Musk celebrated the New Year in Saint-Barthélemy with his three-year-old son X Æ A-Xii.

The billionaire and his ex Grimes are currently embroiled in a custody battle over the child as well as their two-year-old daughter Axa Dark Sideral and their 19-month-old son Techno ‘Tau’ Mechanicus.

He told Page Six that he was visiting a friend in the Caribbean for a few days over New Years and that he “spent time with family and close friends.”

Elon told the outlet: “My son, Little X, was with me.

Page Six said that one of its sources “accidentally” claimed that he saw Elon dancing with his arms in the air at a Palm Tree Crew party and that he met Tom Brady and snowboarder Shaun White in Saint-Barthélemy. Had spent time together.

The outlet said that Elon actually went to a party at the home of WhatsApp founder Jan Koum “for a few hours” on New Year’s Eve, but that he “spent a quiet time with his friends and his family”.

Elon said: “I remember meeting Shaun White and Tom Brady briefly.”

Grimes, who was born Claire Alice Bouche, filed a “Petition to Establish Parental Relationship” in a California court on September 29, which allows a child’s legal parents to be identified. Gives, when they are not married.

Elon filed a lawsuit against the “Genesis” singer in a Texas court just three days before filing his plea.

In his petition, the billionaire requested to become the legal parents of his three children, saying that he has “the care, control and responsibility of his children.”

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