Kanye West reportedly recorded a 40-minute video to apologize for his anti-Semitic comments

It should be released before the “Vulture” album.

He shared a lengthy apology message just last month, but Kanye West clearly wants an apology go further, According to the information released by tmzyou would have turned 40 minute apology video weeks ago, Speaking live to the Jewish community on camera, tmz However, the claim is that the video is “inconsistent” and it happens sometimes It’s hard to understand what Kanye is saying, Yet an exit has been planned Just before his joint album with Ty Dolla $ign, “vulture”. If all goes well then this video should be Exit before 9th February, the planned release date of the album. But since it has already been postponed several times, we are still postponing it some doubts,

As a reminder at the end of 2022, Kanye West had a series of outbursts, making controversial comments about the Jewish community. Because of these words, he lost almost all his partnerships with Adidas.

For tmzThis apology video will be released soonA publicity stunt and a way for these to strike a chord with their audience Before his new album. already What ADL suspected (Anti-Defamation League) published its message last month.

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