Kanye West reveals his new $850,000 titanium teeth

Singularity – The titanium prosthesis was permanently installed in the rapper’s mouth and is not intended to be removed.

Rapper Kanye West published an Instagram Story on Wednesday in which he revealed his new acquisition: a titanium dental prosthesis. According to information received from daily MailThe item will cost him $850,000 or 800,000 euros.

The artist himself emphasized in his video that the prosthesis with its prominent canines is reminiscent of the jaws of the “Shark”, the famous villain of this saga. James Bond, But beyond their appearance, it is the permanent nature of dentures that surprised the public.

no tooth extraction

As reported Washington Post, the prosthesis is stationary and is not intended to be removed, as is the case with normal grids. However, none of the artist’s teeth were removed, as some fans initially announced.

But according to someone close to the star, whose comments have been reported daily Mail“Ye (singer’s new name, editor’s note) had most of his teeth sanded down until they were nothing more than tiny graves, which is standard procedure(…) Read more at 20 minutes

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