Kanye West Shows Off His $850,000 Titanium Prosthetic in Supervillain (Photos)

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Kanye West shows off his new $850,000 titanium prosthesis with his wife Bianca Censori.

American rapper Kanye West turned heads by showing off his new titanium dentures, which cost an impressive $850,000.

In fact, during an outing with his wife Bianca Sensori and actor Chris Rock, Kanye sported a chic supervillain look, showing off his metallic smile in the style of characters from spy movies like James Bond.

The prosthetic, which was reportedly conceived by Kanye himself, was introduced to the world via his Instastory. A photograph of its open mouth has attracted the attention of Internet users, highlighting what appears to be titanium covered in some other material.

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A second photo was shared, comparing Kanye’s prosthetic to the iconic Jaws character from the James Bond films “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Moonraker,” who is known for his metal teeth.

According to a source close to Kanye, the design of this prosthetic resulted in a unique structure beyond simple veneers or dental grills. It is important to mention that Kanye’s real teeth were not removed. Described by someone close to the artist as “experimental dentistry”, the denture was designed to fit perfectly over the artist’s existing teeth.

Despite widespread suspicion on social media about Kanye having teeth removed, it has been confirmed that the speculation is unfounded. Dental technician Naoki Hayashi, who reportedly helped create the prostheses, himself dismissed the rumors and clarified that the teeth were not removed in any way, but were simply integrated into the design of the new prostheses. Was.

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