Ecuadorian police and military are carrying out an operation to seize “contraband” in the country’s main prison

Ecuadorian police and army are running an operation in the country’s main prison

Ecuadorian police and armed forces are taking action this Thursday critical joint operations In main jail by country. This was reported by the police force through a message on its account on the social network X, formerly Twitter.

“This time prison intervention With members of @PoliciaEcuador and @FFAAECUADOR #CPLGuyas (Guayas Regional Deprivation of Liberty Center), to carry out Registration of prohibited items And maintain control Inside the jail centre. “Operations in development…”, he indicated.

Operation at the Guayas Peninsula Center in Ecuador

This happens on the same day that officials reported arrest of two people Involved in the murder of the prosecutor cesar suarez, This Thursday, the General Commander of the Ecuadorian National Police, Cesar Augusto Zapata Koreaconfirmed that two individuals had been arrested for the crime.

,We have arrested two suspects involved in the murder of prosecutor Cesar Suarez Following investigative procedures it became possible to identify the alleged involvement in a criminal act,” he said in his account on X. And he added: “Evidence: Rifle, two pistols, feeder and two vehicles,

Two people detained (Twitter: César Augusto Zapata Correa)

Prosecutor Suarez was murdered in the coastal city on Wednesday Guayaquil In the midst of a state of emergency and a declaration of internal armed conflict by the government Daniel Noboa To cope with a series of violence last week which has been attributed to criminal gangs.

Suarez, who recently interrogated people detained for the canal attack TC Television from Guayaquil, He was murdered by assailants who shot at his vehicle. When he was on his way to the hearing of a drug trafficking case, without the protection of a security team.

Ecuadorian police arrested two people involved in the murder of prosecutor Cesar Suarez (CmdtPoliciaEc)

The Ecuadorian government has rejected the firing of the prosecutor and “affirmed its commitment to support the administration of justice within the framework of.”war within“He works against international organized crime.”

State Attorney General, Diana SalazarCondemned Suárez’s crime and said the Public Ministry won’t stop our fight Against organized crime groups.

Operation in Turi Prison, Cuenca

In another order, but within the framework of operations in the country’s prisons, images of the work of officers this Wednesday Turi Rehabilitation CenterIn valley,

Journalist Christian SanchezCited by local media meterPublished photographs showing the use of Heavy machinery to remove garbage from prisonersin which they stand out boxes and some objects bedroom. The above mentioned portal published that, with the help of tractor, A mountain of items were removed from the premises,

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