Walmart announces more store closings by February 2024

Two Walmart stores are planned in California Close next 9th February, These branches, one located on Imperial Avenue in San Diego and the other on Fletcher Parkway in El Cajon, operations will cease Due to the cost of rental of premises.

The decision affects a total of 357 employees, who will have the opportunity to move to another location at the chain.

Walmart has been working on a closure strategy since last year. And in 2023, the chain closed 22 stores in 14 states.

Nationwide, the company still has more than 4,600 sales outlets.

The reason for the company’s closure in San Diego is the failure to reach an agreement with property owners, which led the company to Don’t renew your contracts lease.

Walmart communications director Brian K. Little said he is grateful to customers for their support at these branches and highlighted his commitment to continuing to serve other stores in the area as well as through his platform. To deliver home.

Employees affected by the shutdown – who are they? 125 in San Diego and 232 in El Cajon – There will be an option to transfer to other Walmart branches.

The move adds to adjustments the company is making in response to its financial performance and negotiations with the owners of the properties where its stores are located.

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