Kanye West will lose millions of dollars from the resale of his bunker villa

I guess I have to do a lot more than just Kanye West! And I’m totally ready to create an image of the esprit current of American music: a state of anarchy… Either invest the equivalent of millions of dollars two years ago and go to the marquee of Chaucers sporting Yeezys. , the fruit of the partnership with Adidas, the artist took advantage of a coup in this Villa de Bord de Mer, Tout de Baton. Signed by the Japanese star of architecture Tadao Ando (information about Paris revisited in the Écrin de la Collection Pinault), this Malibu demure avet et acquis au prix fort, suite $57.3 million.

so it. I found an additional property with the owner of two huge ranches between Wyoming and Aquile, another villa in the area of ​​Malibu that was connected with a divorce complaint with Kim Kardashian. According to Rob’s exclusive site, the property of the stars, this California-owned property will leave this resale with the gross minimum value and the endo-signed villa property on the market with an asking price of $53 million. Report.

From work to millions of dollars

The advertised price shows that the construction is sold at this price. Car C Kanye West refuses to acquire a démère trois “brut de baton”, he is still worthy of living. Another photo and more recent cell iterations announce the stabilization, another dépuis entourage dessociés never less than a bien to see the Grand Travaux. Result: From the first notice from Jason Oppenheim, the real estate agent who commercialized the stuff, water must be poured “Plus millions of dollars”, simply insert the pouvoir hypothesis d’y habiteur. In fact, the concrete structure is not visible in the American press photographs…

$53 million is given for a 370 square meter habitable real estate project. An authentic and devastating investment that means Kanye West never loses his place, I feel like the android of a great movie is off in the ocean. I am still known to architecture fans as a courtesan devoted to architecture and signing residences of Japanese construction. Cote’s son, Kanye West, gave his still-owned Detourner an authentic look, inspired by the sulfurous company, Bianca Sensori, to activate the palace-dwellers.

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