Number 1 in the NFL! 49ers and Ravens will be at home in the playoffs leading to the Super Bowl – Fox Sports

san francisco 49ers They appear to be the top favorites to reach this super bowl 2024 And, for now, they have taken a big step by ensuring that National Conference #1 seed To the postseason. This Sunday, the Bay team beat as a visitor Washington Commanders 27-10,

with 12-4 points With one week remaining in the regular season, Niners get playoffs at homeRemember that this year they had already decisively defeated those who might have seemed to be their two biggest rivals in the battle for tickets to the Super Bowl: the Dallas Cowboys, whom they defeated 42–10 on October 8, and the Philadelphia Eagles, whom they defeated 42–19 in early December.

Brock Purdy threw two touchdowns This Sunday in Washington, joining Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk. In a ground attack, a discreet day and with Break for Christian McCaffreyGetting the most touches went to Elijah Mitchell, who scored once on his 17 carries for 80 yards.

Without putting pressure on the machine as they were already assured of the divisional title 49ers start as National Conference favoriteGiving themselves the luxury of being able to rest – if they want – some of their starters in Week 18, when they receive the Los Angeles Rams, who will be looking for one of the final spots in the playoffs as the wild card.

Baltimore Ravens secure American League lead

Like the Niners in the National League, The American Conference’s big favorite is the Baltimore Ravens.that this sunday They massacred the Miami Dolphins -Team that will be in the playoffs- with a crushing defeat 56-19Las Vegas is making another upset at the table as one of the favorites to attend Super Bowl LVII.

Lamar Jackson passed for 5 touchdowns And he even got a chance to sack him on the last offensive series, but his replacement Tyler Huntley also joined the party with a pass in the end zone. As far as receivers go, Jay Flowers passed for 100 yards and recorded a touchdown.

Let’s remember that Ravens beat Niners Playing as the visitors at Christmas, they have therefore been tipped as main candidates to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy next February.

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