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ruler and jester

After signing the script for menu, Will Tracy declined the culinary title this time, holding the positions of creator, executive producer, and showrunner. He clings to the steps ofA somewhat authoritarian chancellor in a fictional country From Central Europe.

The series builds its satirical universe on a set of contradictions, with its ministers strolling between the dilapidated walls of the palace with smartphones in hand, while reflecting on the insignificance of certain concerns (see the mould). political seriousness of the statement,

The Regime: A dictator in the scary trailer for the series The RegimeDiet is me!

Because if there is laughter, it will be more inclined towards yellow rather than brightness. Humor, which will leave some viewers in suspense, appears there. on the verge of discomfort : Although Government Focusing almost exclusively on life in the palace, the parallels with our world are obvious. Whether he pretends to play along with international sanctions or rules according to his mood, the Chancellor seems far-fetched cousins ​​of prominent leaders Contemporary Western.

The series always gets its quirk from Between baroque clown and geopolitical tragedy. : We jump from a silly dream interpretation session to an anxiety-inducing countdown. This versatility also creates its limits: by colliding notes, it loses some of its strength. The clever conclusion gives this journey a (paradoxical) meaning, but by dealing with a form of emptiness, this farce risks appearing too pointless.

Reign: Photo, Kate Winslet, Matthias SchoenaertsReign: Photo, Kate Winslet, Matthias SchoenaertsFriars and Hobbes, The Queen, The Crown

Kate Winslet in distorted reflection, not distorted

The series at least provides its lead cast with a royal setting. As delicious as a suffering moaner and as a confused tyrantKate Winslet (also executive producer) shines as Chancellor Elena Wernham in a brilliant production.

His character as an eccentric dictator is courageous and courageous Dealing with mental health issues fearlessly, Horrified by the weakening of her position, of which the unbearable decomposition of her father’s corpse forms an obvious metaphor, she begins an authoritarian turn that is above all a return to herself, even if it means any confrontation with other people. To avoid this, you have to purify your allies. ,

Its pathological versatility holds up a cruel mirror to our own neuroses and hypocrisies. Having become a slave to her own storytelling, Chancellor actually fuels A post-truth bubble with opaque walls that surround it Certainly more than jail. Uncommunicative, incoherent, she prefers to blind herself rather than accept change in the world.

Arrangement: Kate Winslet, Guillaume GallienArrangement: Kate Winslet, Guillaume GallienThe boys and Guillaume, to the guillotine!

By giving up everything in the illusion of control, she exposes herself even more vulnerable, Gonorrhea ready to pounce on the first vial of fox urine To reduce its mortality rate. The blessed breadwinner of his court, more concerned about protecting his position than the general well-being, and who tries to resist the frenetic whirlwind of favors and insults through compromises and Kafkaesque jobs.

In addition to Matthias Schoenaerts, a Pygmalion quick to remind us that, no matter how much we cover it with gold, elemental cruelty never goes away, we compare Guillaume Gallien to a smug husband and an oompa loompa. The more disillusioned watch as Hugh Grant. Everyone works to expose it, Without any impact on Sun Chancellor’s capital performance,

The Regime is available on Amazon Prime Video via Warner Pass for one episode per week beginning March 4, 2024.

Governance: French PosterGovernance: French Poster

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