Kate Winslet gets angry at people who compliment her weight loss

Trust with an open heart. In Rolling Stone magazine, Kate Winslet noted in 1998 that she suffered from her image as a “chubby” teenager. At the age of 16 the young woman decided to follow the Weight Watchers diet. In fact, at that very moment the director of a television series made an inappropriate comment on him., The actress will not give any more information than this during her interview. 30 years after this interview, Kate Winslet decided to break her silence. Indeed, in an interview for The New York Times published on March 3, she returned to the eating disorders from which she suffered. “I never told anyone about this,” she begins to declare.

Kate Winslet suffered from an eating disorder

But why did the actress not want to talk about this topic? In fact, after her diet, Kate Winslet was so admired for her slimness that she preferred to keep quiet about her diet-related travails. “Because, guess what? People around you say, ‘Hey, you look great!’ you lost weight!’. That’s why praise for physical appearance is also linked to weight.”She says.

“This is something I won’t let people do anymore. If they do so, I will reprimand them immediately.” The American journalist interviewing Kate Winslet wanted to ask the actress a question about Ozempic, a drug that is abused to help lose weight. “Actually, I don’t know what Ozempic is,” Starts with the announcement of the actress.

“Let’s eat something then.”

“All I know is it’s a pill that people take or something. But what is it ? “, she asks. The journalist then points out that this diabetes drug is used in Hollywood for weight loss. “Oh my god. This sounds terrible. Let’s eat something then!”. This is not the first time Kate Winslet has spoken openly about her weight and body image. “When I was twenty, people used to talk a lot about my weight. People have called me out personally to comment on my body. And I was described as a shameless and outspoken person. No, I was just defending myself,'” Kate Winslet recalled.

Such criticisms due to which the actress had to suffer

So, when she re-reads some articles about herself, the actress can’t believe her eyes. He lamented, “It’s almost ridiculous to see how shocking, critical and cruel the tabloid journalists were towards me.” I was still figuring out who I was! They were commenting on my size, trying guess my weight, They were talking about the diet I was following. It was horrible to read and very disturbing. , Criticisms that he found difficult to shake off. “I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, if they say that about me in England, what will happen when I get there?’ I felt very lonely. The simple reason is that nothing can really prepare you for it…. And then of course, I had 25-year-old Mia (his daughter, editor’s note). And So it all…evaporated.”

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