Key points of acupuncture to prevent anxiety

He self massage This is an effective and simple exercise to get relief from pain. Sometimes, We feel like we need painkillers To reduce minor discomforts that may arise in daily life due to excessive stress or poor posture. However, when the pain is punctual and not a symptom of major diseases naturopathic methods They can be a very effective solution.

stimulation of aspirin point originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) And it can be combined with other natural remedies, which we’ll look at a little later.

How to spot ‘aspirin spots’

The aspirin point is located on the hand. It is easy to detect because we can feel a little pain when we press on it. situated at In the space between the index finger and thumb.

How to Find the Aspirin Point of TCM

Its exact location is at the back of the hand, between the first and second metacarpal bones. If you start touching it, you will immediately notice this.

How to find and massage aspirin points against anxiety

According to TCM There are twelve energy channels in the body, These channels are interconnected at specific points. Imagine it as a road map, sometimes roads cross each other and for this reason bridges or crossings or intersections are built.

TCM’s meridians or energy channels

When energy does not flow easily, the meeting points must be pressed to regain the normal flow of energy.

Well, one of the most important and responsible points For symptoms of anxiety, headache or nasal congestion, there is aspirin.

Benefits of stimulating this aspirin point

The name “aspirin point” originates from its analgesic powers, but technically it is called a point. HEGU or 4IG of Meridian of large intestine.

  1. This is one of the most popular points of TCM and its excitement ends with stagnation of energy from any part of the body and Prevents pain.
  2. It may provide relief at first Symptoms of cold. In the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine, when we stimulate the HEGU point we are removing excess heat that can cause cold in the body.
  3. can do Get relief from headache or facial pain. The meridian of the large intestine also passes through the face, so stimulation of the point can relieve any inflammatory processes in the head or face.
  4. Its excitement will help you in moments Stomach pain or diarrhea.
  5. in the matter of symptoms of anxiety, often coincides with the cases described earlier: headache, diarrhea, overheating, etc. You will also feel immediate relief from this Toning of the nervous system.
  6. it helps you Clear away negative thoughts and return to the present.

If you are pregnant, we do not recommend aspirin point stimulation, as according to TCM it can hasten labor.

How to stimulate the ‘aspirin point’ against anxiety

there is two forms For stimulating aspirin points, for toning or for energy dispersal. We Let’s learn scatter tricksSince we need it when symptoms of anxiety appear.

  1. Choose the dominant hand to receive the massage.
  2. Then, with the thumb of the opposite hand, we will gently press the aspirin point of the dominant hand.
  3. Now that you’ve figured it out, let’s start the massage Rapid counter-clockwise motion.
  4. when you are getting a massage connect with breath, make some slow, deep breaths Bringing awareness to lengthening the exhalation.
  5. with two or three minutes Massage is enough.

Drink a glass of water when you finish: this will help you wash off the treatment and eliminate toxins.

Other Natural Remedies to Treat Anxiety

At Sport Life we ​​are always looking for solutions that are as natural and organic as possible. Here are some natural options that may help you deal with anxiety symptoms:

  1. you can do some exercises gentle stretch Connecting to the body by taking a few conscious breaths.
  2. Walk barefoot in nature or around the houseWill help you feel the weight of your body and reduce mental noise.
  3. dance or play a sport To get rid of nervousness and excessive mental activity.
  4. launch write or draw, It may be very good for you to draw mandalas, write in your diary about what worries you and in general empty yourself of whatever is on your mind.
  5. Attention Can help you a lot. In fact, you can practice aspirin point stimulation right after meditating for ten or fifteen minutes.
  6. talk about it, Don’t hide because you suffer from anxiety, when you share it with others, people start to understand and when they understand that you suffer from anxiety, they do everything in their power to help you feel comfortable. Will do everything.

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