Keys to understanding and caring for general well-being

both health Physical In form of Mental They are fundamental pillars to reach a person state of fullness and well-being,

In most cases, both areas are valued and treated individually, and although it is not wrong because there are experts in both aspects, it is important Know the close connection of the body with the mind and vice versa,

There’s a term called somatic therapy and Amanda Baker, a clinical psychologist and director of the Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Center in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, defines it this way. body friendly exercises when you see affected by negative experiences or emotions Coming from your mind.

Psychological factors such as anxiety, trust problems, self-esteem, stress and past traumatic experiences are some of the most recurrent that directly affect the body, as they manifest in symptoms such as TirednessThe Tiredness and other serious problems like high blood pressure, chronic pain and depression,

In Becker’s words, the aim of somatic therapy is “get those feelings out of your bodyOr to get relief from pain and other negative manifestations.”

There are many actions to prevent psychological factors from affecting physical health and vice versa, but one of the most used is what is called “Physical Exercise”Mostly used by physiotherapists, where various exercises and activities are performed which not only promote physical health but are also quite effective for mental health.

A “two-way” relationship

In Guatemala, there is the Mental Health Physiotherapy Association (Asofisme), which started in 2018 and is dedicated to providing body strategies. Care, promotion, prevention and attention to mental and physical health.

María Eugenia de León, physiotherapist of Esperanto in the field of psychotherapy, explains that at the cultural level “broader view“Man’s place”to separateThe concept of mind and body, when in reality, It is a “two-way” relationship.,

“Humans do not actually function the way they are supposed to, where the brain is the ‘commander’ of the body. Today we have research fields like psychoneuroimmunology that explain It is a two-way interaction between the nervous system and our psychological processes“, explains the expert.

Eugenia makes the analogy of mind and body Two sides of a coin, That despite being “separate” they are part of the same system, and will be influenced by each other.

“It is enough for us to think about feelings Anger And how is it expressed in our body Changes in our breathing, heart rateMuscle tension and blood circulation,” he explains.

It says that mind and body They are “inseparable” Since ultimately the emotions experienced by a person are about physiological processes that directly affect the body.


De Leon mentions a concept called salutogenesis, which originated in the late 20th century by Aaron Antonovsky and states that A person finds happiness and health in himself.

“The author says that as humans it is very difficult for us to be completely sick or healthy. It’s a series of black and whiteS, where a disease may not be diagnosed but the person may feel unwell; And otherwise, when someone feels well, they may have some type of illness,” says De Leon.

In the expert’s words, the concept of salutogenesis is based on what really moves people. It’s not the facts themselves, but how you react to them.

According to physiotherapy experts, the mind and body are “inseparable” because it “Two-way interaction between the nervous system and our psychological processes“. (Free Press Photo: Shutterstock)


body and mind are continuous Affected by external “stimuli” or “triggers” Such as work environment and social pressure which can have a negative impact. However, it does not necessarily have the same effect on everyone.

Carmen Maria Gantenbein, physiotherapist dedicated to the preventive sector, health and occupational safety, says that it is important to bear in mind that, in addition to the physical aspect of the body, we must also pay attention to the immunological aspect. These different “triggers”.

Gantenbein mentions that, speaking of the workplace, Every person is different, and they won’t respond the same way. Had to face the same situation.

“It is important to know the person, how they react when you start working with them and recommend actions that favor their well-being. For example, many people have this concept that problems stay at home and at work you just have to go to work, but this is not the case. At the end of the day we are people and not robots that we can put aside problems or emotions that harm us,” says Gantenbein.

Physiotherapist Gabriela Escobar, who currently works to raise awareness in various communities in Guatemala such as Magdalena Milpas Altas, Sacatepéquez, where she mainly serves groups of older adults and children, awareness of the importance of physical and health Shows the relevance of increasing. Mental care through movement.

,It is important to get out of a sedentary lifestyle And the negative reason is to be able to do physical activity without feeling heaviness. On the contrary, let’s enjoy it,” says Escobar.

physical exercise

Three physical therapists listed some of the “physical practices” they use, ranging from psychological aspects such as meditation to those focusing more on physical activity.

,Breathing has been very important to me., since I consider it to be the central axis of everything because it’s something that everyone does every day. What we want is for it to become a conscious practice,” explains De Leon.

He also mentioned works like conscious movement of different parts of the body, “Sensory strategies” that allow “potential” development of the senses In the form of visual and auditory stimuli.

“There’s also physical activity, but we’re not talking about what most people know, like going to the gym or running, but we’re talking about activities that It’s about our tastes that break from sedentary lifestyles like gardening,” says De Leon.

In fact, he recommends that people look for activities they enjoy most, in addition to traditional physical activity. always in a state of constant motion,

For his part, Escobar developed equine therapy, a treatment performed with the help of a horse. Positive effects are sought on the cognitive, emotional and social levels for the individual.,

“First of all, with this treatment we are in a place that is not hospitable but in a place with many natural elements. If a person has problems related to depression then we ask him comb the horse, Let them caress it, let them feel its temperature And they have a sense of responsibility when feeding them,” says Escobar.

He also mentions that horses are very perceptive animals, and can determine when a person approaching them is nervous, calm, scared, stressed, etc.; Which, in Escobar’s words, allows the animal to become an ideal co-therapist.

“When riding a horse we can also take it as physical exercise, because the act of moving while the animal walks is a real form of relaxation and reduces the alertness level of our brain.

Gantenbein explains about the practices adopted in the work environment, and says that everything depends on the type of person and the type of work, since serving people is not the same as those who have a job where they have to be treated by employees. As should be sitting at the desk. A plant.

“In addition to conscious breathing exercises and stretching, what we implement are also work breaks, but in the right way because sometimes at work these are breaks that lose all meaning because, after them, we go back to work. But let’s come back. Our tasks are pending for the day, or We don’t pay enough attention because we think about emails, meetings etc,” says the physiotherapist.

live with yourself

All three experts agree on the importance of getting to know oneself, looking for ways to develop physically and mentally, and starting to improve the perception that mental health is only for “crazy” or “insane” people in favor of people’s well-being. Have taken. Psychological problem.

“It’s important that we start to break down the concepts that we have especially in relation to mental health and start to recognize that it’s important to get in touch with ourselves. A lot of times we’re too focused on what’s next besides work. Pay more attention, but it’s also important to recognize that it’s temporary and the only thing left to life is ourselves,” says De Leon.

Escobar says that understanding the connection between mind and body, understanding how they complement each other and taking action in their favor brings a lot of wealth and contributes to general well-being.

“The body is what gets us places, but the mind is what makes us dream and give us purpose. Self-care, understanding the connection between mind and body, is a great investment in yourself, however difficult it may be to begin with. Maybe, but in the end doing it makes you realize how much it contributes to being good,” says Escobar.

Finally, within the professional field, Gantenbein emphasizes the importance of work in favor of mental health, since they are professions that take care of others.

“Before thinking about others, one must reflect and analyze what they want, where they are, their strengths and weaknesses and how they can improve their lives,” says the expert.

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