Kim Kardashian reveals her biggest regret about parenthood!

Kim Kardashian has revealed her biggest regret about parenting. She gave birth to herself without any filter!

Kim Kardashian is the head of a family of four children. As a reminder, she had North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm with her ex-husband Kanye West. On the other hand, one thing is that Regrets about parenthood.

“I’m not leaving him”

Kim Kardashian goes out of her way to make sure her children are as happy as possible. On the other hand, there is one thing she regrets about becoming a parent. In any case, she has revealed it recently.

The beauty queen admitted that she shouldn’t have let her daughter North wear makeup at a young age. In an interview with Bustle, she revealed what her daughters buy Expensive skin care products in Sephora stores.

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, clarified: “My daughter is too young (to wear makeup) and I won’t let her do that.”, Before opening up about his regrets about parenthood with his grown daughter.

He indicated: “I look back and remember the times I abandoned my daughter (North) wear red lips once on christmas, Would I do that now? maybe not”,

The reality TV contestant revealed she let her daughter North wear vibrant lipstick in 2018. At that time, she was only 5 years old. Then many internet users criticized the mother.

Kim Kardashian also clarified at the time: “But she chose him!” It’s a special occasion! ,, It will still seem that, from now on, he Regret over this decision taken a few years ago.

Kim Kardashian talks about parenthood

On the other hand, it is not always easy to manage being a parent. In an interview with Jay Shetty’s podcast On Purpose last year, Kim Kardashian opened up about her role as a mother.

He explained: “There are nights when I cry myself to sleep. I feel like, ‘Hey, this tornado is in my house. What just happened?’ Everybody says the days are long and the years are short, and This couldn’t be more true, ,

Kim Kardashian also admitted that she is very happy taking care of her children. She revealed: “It is the most rewarding job in the world. This is true. There’s nothing that can prepare you”,

On the subject of imprisonment, he also specified: “There are times when you don’t wash your hair for days. you have drool everywhere And where you wear the same pajamas, especially during Covid”,

Kim Kardashian has had to review the way she lives with her children since her split from Kanye West. For his part, North prefers to live with his father. In any case, this is what his mother revealed.

She told that her daughter likes it very much The simple life that his father lived on a daily basis, Before revealing that he had purchased an apartment. North is also a fan of this place!


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