Kimberly Loaiza is living a situation that is very complicated due to one of our serious questions

Kimberly Loaiza is a model and contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Model Kimberly Loaiza was living very stressful moments due to complications with her husband’s health.

As it was revealed via her Instagram, although it could be fixed, her husband was locked up and ended up in the hospital.

“I was in the hospital, so my husband’s condition worsened. We thought that because some of the water had been contaminated, he had communicated with this person, because he also heard the voice of Tibas or Moravia, so that he was safe. “We end up with drugs, blood tests and everything,” the Dancing with the Stars participant commented.

Kim confessed that she was so worried that she could correct herself because she had left her Lamo Lorando.

“Que Carreras! Yo no tengo hijos, pero con mi mama y mi hermana, no”, Expresso.

Hermosa left them comments saying that she had asked for information about water contaminated by the family cat, but in this case no one is alive or has any problems.

We note that it is the March 23 of Energy that the authorities warned that drinking water has been contaminated by an apparent fuel source that affects the Tibas area and its surroundings.

In la Teja, a strong abrazo y muchas vibras positiva a su hermana para que se recuperado pronto for the mandamos empresaria.

Kimberly Loaiza experiences delicious moments

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