Kygo and Ava Max cover Shakira’s hit song in their new music video “Whatever.”

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Ava Max ready to get back on track? After the great success of her first album “Heaven and Hell”, selling more than 100,000 copies in France, the Albanian-born American singer had more difficulty convincing with her successor “Diamonds and Dancefloors”, released only a year earlier. There were just over 10,000 curious French people who showed interest. Despite everything, she set out on a big tour, which sold out in a few hours, including a concert in Olympia. And Ava Max intends to make one of the first hits of the year 2024! Several years ago, the “Sweet but Psycho” singer explained on the microphone fun radio His dream of collaboration: ” I’ve talked to Kygo a few times on Instagram and he’s amazing. He has amazing talent. I would love to make sounds with him. Marshmallow is also a good friend. There are a lot of really good DJs making noise right now “.His wish has now been fulfilled!

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Which, since its inception, produced hits by Bonnie Tyler (“If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)”), Aqua (“Barbie Girl”) or ATC (“Around the World (La La La La La)”) ) “) lends itself to practice once again on “Whatever” in a duet with Norwegian DJ Kygo on his hits “Kings and Queens”, “Not Your Barbie Girl” or “My Head and My Heart”. It will only take a few seconds for the audience to recognize the tune of the first hit “Whenever, Wherever” Shakira Released in 2001, the chorus of which is adapted here by Ava Max: ” Whatever, whatever / We were never any good together / I’ll be here and you’ll be there / The truth is, I never cared / Whatever, whatever / Two years, that’s not forever / I will be here and you will be there / You will not see me crying, nor shedding tears “. On all the famous sounds tropical house From Kygo!

Will this single be as successful as the original “Whatever”? In the clip, Ava Max arrives on a desert road while driving a racing car in the bright sunlight. Dressed in a black dress, she will begin to interact with a mysterious precious stone… Note that Kygo is also a cover specialist as in recent years, he has scored successes with his reinterpretations of “Higher Love” titles . Whitney Houston, “What’s Love Got to Do With It” by Tina Turner or “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer. Ava Max explains the countless samples in these songs nylon , My opinion is that we should do the work well. It is not necessary that it be a copy of the entire song. That’s the beautiful thing about bringing something back to life. You don’t want to give people the same thing ,

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