La Despedida Tour is 2024| telediario costa rica

Well-known YouTuber and Mexican singer, Kimberly Loaiza, has gone to her fans in Costa Rica to confirm that she will be performing a concert in the country as part of her Despedida.

is programmed for the expected event November 23 at Parque VivaAlajuela, we hope Acoja has 10,845 peopleFollowing the recent approval by the Directorate of Consumer Affairs Administrative Resolution No. DAC-DECVP-RE-517-2023.

Under the title “La Despedida Tour”, L. The concert will start at 4:00 pm Entries are available virtually through the Publiticket platform.

Kimberly Loaiza’s decision to join Costa Rica was one of disappointment that created great expectations among her followers, leaving her at the end of her career path.

The artist has recently been recognized for his presence on digital platforms and his music cancellation of retirement To give more time to your children.

“Linduras, never thought about deciding on this, but I see you. Vengo has disappointed the Ustades. Gracias por el cariño que me han dado, por tantos años”, Loaiza said to his seguidars in an emotional expressed in the message.

With Kimberly Loaiza, and more 43 million segidores On your YouTube channel, you have decided to upgrade your cost-effective services including in your country.

Any artist who has faced controversies in the past as a marketing strategy that generates criticism has quickly given up and expressed their willingness to participate in its tactics.

This concert in Costa Rica represented a unique opportunity for Kimberly Loaiza’s followers in the country to enjoy our musical experiences live and as part of a special program that was part of her Despedida de los Scenarios. Was.

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