Last hour for its Cuban customers from Aerovaradero

Officials of the Cuban entity Aerovaradero SA updated this Thursday information about its comprehensive service for cargo and parcels, especially in terms of serving its customers on the island.

,In case of central level, the timing of operation is from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily. While in the rest of the provinces it is from Monday to Friday and from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm on alternate Saturdays,” said the report released on their official network.

The information provided details the means of communication with the company from Havana and Matanzas. Havana. Telephone: +535213094. Email: Matanzas. Telephones: +53 45 66 3664, +53 45 66 3667 and +53 5 989 1057. Email:

More information for Aerovaradero customers updated this 2024

They also updated contact information at other offices. From Santa Clara, the following are the communication routes provided. Telephones: +53 42 29 9149, +53 42 28 4209 and +53 5 269 7353. Email:

The Arrovaradero offices in Holguín have also updated their data and presented the following information. Telephone: +53 24 45 8791, +53 24 47 4621, +53 5 989 1003. Email:

Additionally, from Camagüey, the following information is provided by Arrovaradero for inquiries and calls related to packages arriving in this province. Telephone: +53 32 26 1134, +53 5 212 5777. Email:

Finally, for packages destined for Santiago de Cuba, the following contact information is provided for customers: Telephone: +53 22 69 5461, +5350993990. Email:

To track your goods Place Aerovaradero website, follow these steps. Access the “Load Query” function through this link. Enter your air waybill number and package number in the respective boxes. Click on “Check” option and you will get the status of your cargo.

There are frequent complaints about delays in shipments and packages through Aerovaradero, while officials make excuses for fuel shortages and transportation and labor problems.

Inside Aerovaradero Cuba 2024

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