Don’t spoil your health with expired medicines

Decisions are made that change life and health. one of them, of Verify expiry date of medicines or not Which are used. Read about the dangers of not checking to see if they’re about to expire and how to finally dispose of the ones you’re no longer going to use.

Juan David Cadavid Rendon, Pharmaceutical chemist assigned to the Territorial Health Directorate of Caldas (DTSC), and Juan Camilo Pinzón Ramírez, operations manager of Punto Azul Corporation, commented on the matter.

take care

In general terms, Cadavid singles out commonly consumed pharmaceutical products. Said There are medicines of natural origin and other chemicals. The former are more concentrated. Similarly, you have to be careful with both.

“Any of these products Should not be thrown outside or in the dustbin, Nor in the sink or toilet, because then they will end up in nature and affect resources like water and forests,” he expressed.

The professional explained that, If they are left in the trash, there are people who can take them And that becomes a source of illegality. To take economic advantage of their sale, their expiry date can be changed.

“Similarly, with that transformation, it can be donated, given away, which also brings health risks. Punto Azul is a non-profit organization Which has dedicated itself to placing containers at strategic locations, so that people can dispose of these products there,” the chemist said.

It was known that they are containers with a safety mechanism that allows products to be thrown, but not removed. It guarantees the communityOr only the institution can take what is deposited there Which supports the strategy.

“Medications should be disposed of separately from general waste. They cannot be placed in containers with other items.” They are hazardous waste. “The collection done by these institutions is free,” warned the local professional.

Cadavid explained that, When a medicine expires, its active ingredient loses effectiveness. And it becomes so poisonous that even life becomes in danger. Taking these after the recommended date can lead to death.

“From there Bacteria colonize the product, which contaminate it and make it unfit. For example, syrups that require refrigeration cannot be kept out of the refrigerator for long periods of time after the current dosage has been given,” he commented.

Cadwid, in charge of the DTSC pharmaceutical sector, urged the community Follow manufacturers recommendationsTo get better results of products.

“Those who administered from a dropper “They should not come in contact with structures such as the mouth and/or teeth to avoid contamination,” he said.

The specialist also called the pharmacists and it’s the same as always Check expiry date before delivery product. He asked to keep the available units well stored and clean. Everything works to avoid bad ratings and sanctions from the organization you represent.

final disposition

Meanwhile, Pinzón talked about the project he represents: “We are in charge of correct distribution of medicines and its post-consumer packaging. These are those that have been swallowed whole or partially and are damaged.”

This entity has at least 13 years of experience in this regard 2,300 points established in 29 departments, Including San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

“We like Avoid impact on people and the environment. We wait for the medicines that are forgotten in the medicine cabinets and drawers at home. We’re talking about equilibria that persist after treatment,” Pinzon explained.

La Patria learned that much of what was collected is removed from the containers in a special way, because – as said – it is risky material. for this Only designated officials are allowed entry.

“All the garbage is taken away incineration process, A thermal destruction process. They have environmental licenses to implement it,” the expert explained.

Pinzon said his unit works together Manizales Environment Secretariat. That collaboration ended with the creation of clean points in shopping centers for said collection.

“we have CollectedIn the past weeks, This garbage is 1,500 kg, This is like imagining 1,500 bags of rice in size. In Colombia, during 2023, we collected approximately 300 tons of post-consumer medicines,” he explained.

When they have not been used and have not expired

Juan David Cadavid Rendon, a pharmaceutical chemist at the Territorial Health Directorate of Caldas, said that people should not give used products to churches or community organizations without paying, because the final consumer does not know who gave it to him. Whether it is stored correctly or not. These types of situations should be monitored to avoid major problems.

correct storage

Pharmaceutical chemist Juan David Cadavid Rendón said of the drugs:

  • These should be kept in dry places away from moisture.
  • There cannot be any direct and permanent light source on them.
  • They should be kept away from the reach of children. These are not toys.
  • Pets should also not be kept around them. Consuming these can affect them too.
  • Read the specific instructions on each package, as there are medications that require refrigeration and others that cannot exceed certain temperatures.
  • If you have stock of products, consume those products with the earliest expiry date.
  • Medicines should be purchased from known and/or authorized places.


If they sell you expired or spoiled medicines, report them to the Territorial Health Directorate of Caldas. The complaint may be anonymous and will conclude with an inspection visit to the indicated site:

  • E-mail:
  • Web Page:

Punto Azul specified that a study by the National Institutes of Health (INS) into the public health surveillance system showed that – between 2007 and 2017 – 99,600 poisonings linked to drugs were recorded in the country. In 2017 alone, there were 13,372 cases of drug poisoning and 29 deaths.


photo | Freddy Arango | Homeland

Be attentive to organized places in shopping centers, follow the recommendations. Image, in Founders. The waste sites are not only blue, but also green, those of other companies.

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