Layun bids goodbye to football and thanks America

miguel layun He said goodbye to professional football this Monday. It was already known that the winger was not going to play in the Clausura 2024, however, he took advantage of this on January 1 to launch emotional messagewith special mention AmericaA group in which he shone and even became an idol.

The former player thanked the Azulcrema team and explained that he fulfilled all his dreams before becoming a footballer, including playing. Europewith mexican team And the champion with Eagles,

“My new path out of the court has begun and I didn’t want to keep these words to myself: Many thanks to Club America for thisFor the love I have received from each one of you, the way you have expressed it to me, all of you… without exception, He helped me fulfill all my dreams And I have no words to thank him for the encouragement he gave me.

Layun’s new purpose

mexican football player now US Kings will focus on the league, a competition of which he is the president. However, the Veracruz native explained that he has a purpose Help till soccer From “elsewhere”, which, for now, will be competitions involving celebrities, content creators and players.

“I’ll miss you, but I promise I will do everything I can to help football From another place, perhaps one that has greater impact and influence. The former player of clubs such as Porto, Villarreal and Rayados said, “I love them and they will always be in my heart!”

layun He ended his career with prosperity by winning apertura 2023 title With Águilas, who defeated Roberto Dante Siboldi’s Tigres at the Azteca Stadium. Party i grew He championship After playing 523 games with Henry Martin and thus in the football elite, his career as a professional came to an end.

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