Learn English for free: it’s Microsoft AI that will make it possible

Completely free tool. (Microsoft)

It’s no secret that knowing languages ​​is a highly valued skill today. Microsoft introduced a new tool powered by AI that helps improve reading and pronunciation in English.

Reading Coach is designed for both web and offline use. windows app, Plus, it’s free and offers various learning plans, whether in a school environment or from home.

uses equipment artificial intelligence To help users identify errors in pronunciation Since it indicates which words were spoken incorrectly and even what the reading speed was.

The name of the platform is “Reading Coach”, which serves its purpose very well. In the following way, teachers, parents or anyone can use it to perfect their English:

It is not necessary to belong to these three types of audiences for registration. (Microsoft)

1. Enter the Microsoft Reading Coach website

2. Choose what type of plan you want. There are three: for parents, teachers, technical administrators of institutions. If a private individual wants to use Reading Coach, he or she has to choose the first option.

3. Sign in with a Microsoft account.

4. Once this is complete, the platform will display several ways to practice reading. The user has to choose the one that attracts their attention the most and start their training.

Reading Coach uses AI to power the construction of reading. (Microsoft)

This Microsoft tool offers three ways to practice reading and pronunciation in English:

– Create a story using AI

When this form is selected, the user has the possibility to choose the protagonist, the setting and the level of difficulty of the story. A story generated by AI is then presented, which has to be read aloud by activating the device’s microphoneSo that the platform gives feedback.

– Read a text from your libraries

Reading Coach has a list of stories it calls its library. These are classified into eight levels of difficulty and each level contains approximately 12 to 16 stories.

Once a story is selected, the person must read it, allowing the site to activate its microphone.

It is necessary to activate the microphone so that the device can hear the pronunciation. (Microsoft)

– Write your own text

In the last option, User can write his/her own story. However, the tool does not provide hints if there are grammatical errors in the writing.

After writing the story, activate the microphone and read it out loud.

At the end of each reading session, Reading Coach provides an assessment, where it indicates the percentage of accuracy in pronunciation, as well as reading time and mispronounced words.

Similarly, the platform has a tab where the achievements made in all the sessions are shown and keeps a history of the readings done.

Each session provides feedback to the student. (Microsoft)

Microsoft is clear about its goal: Copilot will be part of users’ daily routines. To achieve this, it has taken different decisions such as modifying computer keyboards to include shortcut keys for chatbots and recently announced that when people turn on their PC they will automatically Testing the beginning.

According to a recent company post aimed at Windows Insiders, the company is testing Copilot auto-open on “widescreen devices.”

This testing is being conducted among some users of the Windows 11 development channel, and the final implementation will depend on the results obtained in that testing phase.

Microsoft’s AI assistant is being integrated into several Windows 11 services. (Microsoft)

Specifically, chatbot auto-open is being tested on devices with a minimum screen diagonal of 27 inches and pixel width of 1920. This feature will be limited to the main display in a multi-monitor setup.

It is important to note that these tests carried out by Microsoft in the Windows Insider development channel do not guarantee the final implementation of this new function or that the option is close to arriving, since right now it is only in the testing phase.

Users who have access to the new feature can disable it at any time from their PC by going to Settings > Personalization > Copilot and clicking the Disable Auto-Start button.

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