Live your best year! Discover the Key to 360º Wellness

Holistic wellness, a comprehensive approach that encompasses body and mind, remains the key to aging with vitality and optimism.

Beyond perfect numbers in medical analyses, mental and physical health must go hand in hand. Learn how to balance each aspect without becoming obsessed, while following the latest trends and tips for happiness in 2024.

Get Active: From Kickboxing to Dancing, Find Your Rhythm

The answer to slowing aging and avoiding sarcopenia is movement. A recent study from the University of Cleveland shows that moderate exercise beats blood pressure and cholesterol control in preventing disease.

Combine strength and cardio: Muscle training two to four days a week is essential to avoid injuries and heart disease. Is the gym not your thing? No excuses, together Dumbbells at home and online tutorialsYou will train without any problems!

dance, more than joy: Dr. Vicente Mera highlights that dance not only provides physical benefits but also improves concentration, balance, memory and reduces stress. Plus, it’s fun!

Exercise Breakfast: Break the monotony with moderate-high intensity active breaks to counteract a sedentary lifestyle.

combat sports: Karate, kickboxing and jiu-jitsu are gaining popularity, especially among Gen Z and Millennials, as ways to relieve stress while you’re on the move.

Badminton: The new sporty trend, beautiful and gentle on joints. Perfect for connecting with friends and staying active!

Food: less is more

Avoid the tendency to overeat and give your body rest. Start the year with a thorough analysis and, if you can, study your intestinal microbiota to adjust your diet according to your individual needs.
Whatever your diet, choose local and seasonal foods, which is an excellent choice for your health and the environment.

Relaxation: the key to well-being

Sleep is essential for health and prevention of neurodegeneration. 10% of Spaniards suffer from chronic insomnia; Break bad habits like excessive use of electronic devices before sleeping.

Relax at home and away: Make your home your sanctuary, enjoying pleasant moments of self-care. When traveling, choose destinations that combine leisure and quality care.

Aging is natural, but taking care of yourself doesn’t mean giving up. Velasing is a way to prevent the signs of aging without resorting to invasive treatments. Preventive and anti-aging medicine programs are rapidly expanding, using biomarkers and optimizing metabolic and endocrine balance.

Remember, artificial intelligence will never replace our need for human interaction. Include hugs, laughter and meetings with friends in your wellness plans for 2024. Happy 2024 and prosperity with all the tools you have at your disposal!


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