Lucky Cash Pusher Coin Latest Version Free Download

Lucky Cash Pusher Coin latest version free download

Lucky Pusher is a casino style coin pusher game. This arcade game is yours for the taking! Enter Lucky Coin Pusher to win daily or weekly prizes, no purchase necessary.

Win raffle tickets and coins to claim your dream prizes. The more games you play, the more rewards you earn and the more prizes you can take home! Increase your coin collection by taking advantage of power-ups with specific functions. They can also raise a wall of coins, increase the speed of your lucky coin pusher, make bombs explode, hit the hammer and shake your board, and rake in the coins! Watch out! Make sure you don’t lose them from the side of the coin pusher machine and out of your reach.

Unique coins with special abilities will appear along the way, providing players with useful boosts.
Bonus coins look similar to standard coins, but they contain two coins from your balance, plus the bonus of 2XP.
XP COIN will add experience points to the XP balance shown on the display near the top of the screen.
PROP CHIP is a way to add extra props to your prop balance. There are shakes, bombs and hammers.
The coin wall is designed to protect items on the board from being hit by the sides of the coin pusher.
When you drop a large number of coins, “Coin Rain” will trigger the Coin Rain bonus.
PUSHERATTACK makes your pusher go further along the platform, which means you’ll collect more coins.
The giant coin fell into the air like a meteor, splashing all over the deck, hitting the platform with such force that the board shook.
BIG BLAST Gleefully drop five giant coins, dumping everything onto the board. Five giant coins drop from the sky like meteors, causing the platform to shake after 5 violent hits.
Roulette chips spin the wheel of fortune and hang it on your chair to let the wheel slowly spin towards your prize!
Super Winner Scratch Cards, just match any of the winning numbers to win a huge prize!

Mia has placed 36 collectibles around the casino, including watches, rings and perfumes… each in three different colors. You can help Mia find the missing items, and light up all the items to get more rewards during the game!

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