Luis Lacalle Pouw responds to Maduro’s criticism: “Being on the opposite sidewalk gives me peace of mind”

Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou. EFE/Enrique García Medina

(from Montevideo, Uruguay) , President of Uruguay louis lacalle pau has defined the government several times Nicolas Maduro Like a dictatorship. Criticism of him and his administration officials has intensified in recent weeks following his disqualification Maria Corina Machado and arrest of the worker Rocío San Miguel,

at the last peak of Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (SELAC)Chancellor of Uruguay nicholas albertoni These two episodes were defined as “unacceptable”. and questioned that not all countries are “in the same boat” with regard to protecting democracy in the region.

And the same incident evoked a reaction from Maduro. He asked, “Who’s talking bad about me?” Then, on the return flight, the Venezuelan President said that Lacaille Pou had “Double standards” and “double morality” because he was talking about internal affairs Venezuela But they didn’t raise their voice that way about what’s happening Palestine,

Lacalle Pou’s criticism of Maduro was not solely from his government. Vice President delsey rodriguez He assured that “he has the face of a bastard.” “When his northern masters give him orders he bows and wags his tail. Can anyone deny to me that Lacaille is Pou? It would be better for them to focus on the problems of the Uruguayan people instead of interfering in Venezuelan affairs. The coup and the insurgency will not pass. It hurts whoever it hurts. Venezuela respects itself!! (sic)”, he assured.

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez in an archive photo. EFE/Rayner Pena R.

Lacalle Pou was consulted this Tuesday regarding the comments of Maduro and Rodriguez. “I can’t take it personally. I shouldn’t do that because Maduro is talking about the president of a country. Institutionally, and I add a personal dose, being on the sidewalk in front of Maduro and Mrs. Rodriguez gives me peace of mind.“, he said in an interview on the program telenight From Channel 4.

Following Rodriguez’s statements, Lacalle Pou also responded to him in a press conference, “When there is a lack of arguments, complaints are resorted to. Since they are very interested in what we say, it will be necessary to justify a regime similar to what they have had for a long time: political prisoners, elections that are not transparent,” he commented.

He stressed, “More than insults and complaints, we should consider whether we want full democracy or not.”

In television interviews, The President reported that Uruguay would send a new ambassador to Venezuela following the resignation of Eber da Rosa to dedicate himself to the electoral campaign., Some MLAs of the ruling party have raised questions on that decision.

,We do not have any relationship with the Embassy Maduro or Delsey Rodriguez. This is our connection with Venezuela, with the Venezuelan people. Uruguay belongs to the Venezuelan people, who we hope will have a democratic government. Do you remove embassies for every government you don’t like? I dare say that where it is more complex, we should have a greater presence,” the president said of that decision.

Da Rosa was called for consultation by the Chancellor Omar Paganini, to whom he delivered a report that confirmed the Uruguayan government’s concerns about the Maduro regime. “Unfortunately, the concern of the Uruguayan government is warranted: the feasibility of the democratic normalization process is in question due to a series of government actions,” the leader wrote after receiving the report on the social network X.

Asked if at the time he had thought about not appointing anyone, Lacalle Pouw replied: “You are crazy. What’s more, when Chancellor Paganini called me, I told him that we had to appoint someone now.” He pointed out that the new Uruguayan diplomat in Venezuela would be a man with a career. ,There are not many people who would line up to go to Venezuela with a number, Trust me, it is hard to achieve,” he assured.

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