Maduro regime detained fifth activist of opposition party, Maria Corina Machado

Joe Villamizar, political coordinator of the Vente Venezuela party in Girardot municipality (file image)

Vente Venezuela (VV), opposition leader’s party Maria Corina MachadoCondemned this Tuesday that agents of the Chavista regime of Nicolás Maduro detained their coordinator Joe Villamizar in a city in the state of Aragua (North), which will Fifth supporter of this political leader to be arrested in less than two months,

As stated in X, the formation knew that he was detained Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SABIN) officers A day after warning of the alleged disappearance of a rival, of whom – they say – they had no knowledge since Monday.

The party, which said it was awaiting his presentation in court, called for “due process and respect for fundamental rights.” Villamizar, Political Coordinator in the Municipality of Girardot. Furthermore, he declared that “he was detained unjustly.”

So far, the Venezuelan judge has not published information about the case.

Opponents Luis Camcaro, Juan Freites, Guillermo Lopez and Emil BrandtRegional heads of the opposition presidential campaign were detained and, according to the defense, accused of planning terrorist actions.

Luis Camacaro was arrested on January 23

they were all arrested They work on Machado’s campaignWas selected in the primaries as the presidential candidate of the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD) for the elections to be held on July 28, in which Nicolás Maduro will seek a third consecutive term.

Last Sunday, Machado accused Maduro of “very serious violations” of agreements signed for presidential elections, blaming him for the imprisonment of opponents and “trying to stop” his candidacy. The 56-year-old former representative cannot register for the July race because of a disqualification imposed by the Comptroller’s Office, which bars her from holding public office until 2036.

On the other hand, the Attorney General of the Chavista regime, Tarek William Saab, reported this Tuesday that two members of the Venezuelan opposition party La Causa R, arrested last week in Maturin (Northeast) for threats of assassination against Maduro, were planning a “coup”. Were staying. D’Etat”.

The head of Venezuela’s Public Ministry announced in a public appearance that those captured planning the attack had been identified Jose Pina and Renzo Flores“The execution of the coup involved the recruitment of 50 military deserters to take over a tank and the weapons park of a military complex.”

Tarek William Saab, attorney general of Venezuela’s Chavista regime (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez)

Saab said that the investigation conducted after the arrest of the two subjects revealed that the military complex Its intention was to capture Fort Paramaconi, in Maturín, Monagas state. And he stressed that “citizens outside the law” cannot be classified as “political prisoners or the persecuted”, as defined by a sector of the opposition, because they have committed crimes.

The prosecutor reminded that “all these conspiracies” have been prosecuted “so that people can live in peace,” and The defendants are “those who talk about killing democracy and derailing it.”

Following the recent arrest of Pina and Flores, when several WhatsApp messages were intercepted in which they talked about their plans, the investigation revealed Some of those texts were addressed to Warner Jiménez, the former mayor of Maturin and member of the opposition party Voluntad Popular. Saab stressed that Jiménez is currently a fugitive from Venezuelan justice because “he has two counts of corruption and one count of money laundering.”

The officer said, as part of the investigation, 17 raids have been conducted so far on people who had maintained frequent contacts of a conspiratorial nature with this citizen, to determine the involvement of any of them in this conspiracy. Is there participation or not?

(with information from EFE)

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